Is there still hope for Yaya Touré and Manchester City?

The saga that has been going on since early September encircling Yaya Touré, Dimitri Seluk and Pep Guardiola has the opinions of City fans split today, so here’s mine.

It came out on Friday morning that Seluk had spoken to Yaya in the last few days and that the Ivorian had asked his agent to make peace with Guardiola. “I don’t think that Pep will ever love me, but the most important thing is that we try to forgive,” he told the Mirror.


It’s quite timely that Seluk came out with this after the emphatic Barcelona win on Tuesday. After all, this is the guy that laughed off City’s chances in the Champions League without Yaya.

Though this is the closest the rent-a-quote Ukrainian came to giving Guardiola the apology he wanted. And if there were any uncertainties looming in the air, Seluk cleared them all up when TalkSport rang him not long after: “First of all I have not apologised. I said ‘we want peace’. I have not apologised. Apologised for what? He (Yaya) apologised maybe, I don’t know for what.”

Clearly his ego is too big to accept defeat, even when Guardiola holds all the cards.

Our beloved 33-year-old midfield powerhouse seems to be doing everything he can to get back into the City fold – everything but sacking one his close friend.

He released this statement on social media:


The problem is evidently not with Yaya himself but with Seluk. However, Yaya has to take some responsibility for Seluk’s actions and react.

Seluk has travelled with the Touré family in a rag to riches story and letting him go at this stage of Yaya’s career is a tough decision to make. But ruthlessly, it’s what he needs to do in order to carry on playing at City’s level. What Seluk has done/said in the past few months to tarnish his great legacy at the club is inexcusable really.

In response to the comments made today, Guardiola told a press-conference that he has spoken to Yaya today. “Nothing has changed, he is in all our meetings and all our training sessions. I welcome the actions of Yaya, it’s good for Manchester City.”

Bayern Muenchen v Manchester City F.C  - Friendly Match

Yaya could be the ultimate luxury player if everything plays out perfectly. He can come off the bench to unlock stern defences and dominate games in midweek cup fixtures, all while letting the tenacious Fernandinho and Gundogan rest. Not only can Yaya still offer our squad something different and give it more depth but he also deserves to have this second chance – as sentimental as that may seem.

I believe there’s still a place for the big guy in our squad. It may not be for long since he is well past his peak and Guardiola runs an unforgiving ship in Manchester now but it would offer an opportunity to give one of our recent greats a proper send off.

As ideal as all that sounds, it’s just never going to happen. Yaya will stay on as a client of an extravagantly-dressed man who will continue to throw his self-importance around English press in an incessant attempt to one up Guardiola, ultimately leaving Yaya with no chance to wear his infamous 42 shirt again.

Is this all because Yaya is under some illusion that he is a massive debt to Seluk which makes him indispensable? I’m not sure. All I do know is that one of my favourite ever City players is due to leave the club in a terribly distasteful light. And that’s a damn shame.

Written by James Cunliffe

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One comment on “Is there still hope for Yaya Touré and Manchester City?
  1. It’s a shame but Yaya is just not the player he was. I can’t see how this lay-off can have improved that.
    Yaya was a beast and will forever be a City legend. Yaya legitimised City when he arrived but I’m afraid he’s just not that player anymore.

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