Manchester City are keeping their future stars on the ground

A lot of new measures have been put into place since Pep Guardiola arrived at Manchester City. Using wi-fi at the training ground has been banned and a strict dietary regime is another of the changes enforced by the new boss during the first couple of months of his tenure.

These rules have now filtered through to the academy too, with the club recently banning youth players from wearing coloured boots both in training and matches, which can only be a good thing.

Manchester City v Wigan Athletic - FA Cup Final

With the huge wages professional footballers are on these days, many fans have come to criticise footballers for the ways in which they present themselves on the pitch.

From Paul Pogba having various shapes cut into his head to players dying their hair in outrageous colours to make some sort of statement, it’s fair to say some players think they are the gods of the earth.

However, Guardiola wants to make it a level playing field when it comes to working with his players and that philosophy seems to be filtering into City’s youth system.

With the club having a large amount of funding along with a top quality scouting network, players from across the world are being brought in with the aspiration of putting on the sky blue shirt in front of somewhat reasonably sized crowds at the Etihad (or Emptihad to those who cannot think of any decent banter to aim at City fans).

Bringing in youth prospects to a “big” club means there will be some form of ego boost for these players and it seems City are wanting to eliminate these egos.

Ever since big money investors began to make their mark in the Premier League with the likes Roman Abramovich at Chelsea and Sheikh Mansour here at City, there has been no shortage of world class players coming to England. However, with them comes massive egos.

Along with players becoming more distant from fans with the rows of security stopping player to fan interaction, there is a feeling that players are only playing for the corporate giants that have some sort of involvement with their football club.

However, with City being a club which was originally created for the community, it is clear with measures such as the coloured boots ban that the club want the stars of tomorrow to remain grounded and remember that they are playing for a club and a community rather than money and corporate clients.

City are the perfect club to keep these players grounded with organisations such as City in the Community giving back to Manchester, it is clear City at heart are a club which wants to maintain as close a relationship with their fans and the surrounding community as possible.

Videos all over social media show that City’s first team stars are interacting with fans as much as possible and if that carries down to the academy, City will have a group of players who appreciate the fans, but, also be level headed and not let the status of the club get to their heads and give them huge egos as a result.

Written by Matt Astbury

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