So, I guess this is goodbye

I think last night we said a final goodbye to Joe Hart, our wonderful ‘keeper. Seeing him wave us farewell at the end really brought it home that we’ll probably not see him play for City again and it feels awful. I’m glad he got to say goodbye properly rather than being shuffled out of the back door.

Hart was never perfect, but who wants a perfect android goalkeeper? Hart had fire in his veins and a personality. He had his ups and downs, but he was there for every great City moment of the modern era and he always lived it like we did in the stands. Joe Hart cared about City as much as we did and that’s not something to be sneered at.

We knew the Pep era would bring some high profile changes but it doesn’t mean we have to roll on without feeling bad about any of it. It’s not anti-Pep to be gutted Hart is leaving. It’s possible to hold two different thoughts in your head at once and have both be valid.

Call it the cost of progress or whatever you want, but we’ll lose something vital when we lose Hart and we shouldn’t forget it.

City’s big wins and triumphs over the past few years have been his as much as anyone else’s. Our best, most consistent Champions League performer. Multiple golden gloves winner. England’s Number One.

Thanks for everything, Joe, we will miss you. Good luck wherever you end up next.

Written by Alex Timperley

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A picture’s worth a thousand words

Pep Guardiola’s arrival marking the beginning of the end for Joe Hart

Joe Hart deserves the support of the manager and fans

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4 comments on “So, I guess this is goodbye
  1. It was great to see get the reaction he richly deserves but after what was said I am not entirely sure he is leaving. I thought his reaction was just as much saying thankyou for the support as saying goodbye. Both he and PG said nice things about each other. Is there any way he could stay ?

    OK, probably not. If he leaves it is clear that he is a top keeper and will always be a hero back at City.

  2. I’m a tad confused at the fans attitude to be honest, all we hear at matches is considerable complaining about Joes distribution and punching away of the ball all the time instead of catches.
    I think an article I read last week may throw some light on why he’s going, it was reporting on Bravo being signed and said whereas Jo had had 2 X 100% pass rates in his career, Bravo had 5 just last season….

    • A lot of people have selective amnesia, in particular pundits who have regularly slaughtered him ( especially after this summers euros) are now the same ones defending him . That successful ex manager mark lawrenson ( remember he managed oxford for 6 months !! ) had the audacity to slag pep off on the radio last night.YCNMIU

  3. Very sad night ( and I totally agree with peps actions on this one ) end of an era as the last pre 2008 player probably played his last City match . It is obvious that Joe is not being moved on just for football reasons , his attitude in pre season was frankly appalling – what he got away with under previous weak management is gone and the reality is nobody will get a free ride in the near future

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