Does Samir Nasri have a future at Manchester City?

It’s looking increasingly likely that Samir Nasri’s time at the Etihad Stadium could be coming to an end.

The Frenchman is currently 29-years-old and had an injury plagued season last time out. Since Pep Guardiola took the reins at City, many new requirements and plans have been implemented into the squad’s nutrition and physical fitness routine. Nasri didn’t feature in any of the pre-season games and has reportedly been given a fitness ultimatum from Pep; lose some weight or don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


This is a difficult situation because Nasri is currently earning in the region of £130,000 per week which could deter potential suitors for his signature. Now, Roma are supposedly interested in signing a replacement for Miralem Pjanic and have their eyes on Nasri, but is he worth that kind of money?

The forward has only started 22 times and scored five goals for City in the past two years. Yes, a part of that is due to injury, but most of it is the fact that he’s just not the same player he used to be. If you look at his season statistics from the past few years, you notice that his performances aren’t good enough to warrant the salary he’s earning.

We are talking about one of our players who said that he was okay with not playing in the Champions League last season. Yes, this was also partly because of injury, but he was physically fit when he said that. Personally, I would be sad to see him go, but right now, I don’t see him winning us a trophy. Furthermore with Leroy Sané coming in this summer, could Pep see him as Nasri’s replacement? I think so. It seems like Nasri has recently been informed he is no longer wanted at the club and after being forced to train alone and miss out on the pre-season games, I’m not sure he would even want to stay.


Guardiola had faith in Samir and says he’s made lots of progress in the weight room and is close to the required weight in order to resume training with the squad. If there’s anyone that can realise a player’s full potential, it’s Pep. Samir has been putting in the effort and clearly wants to make a breakthrough to the starting lineup again, but I don’t think he’s good enough anymore. Not when he’s starring in rap videos involving himself and drugs in a limo. That kind of behavior is not going to stand with Pep.

Nasri knows this and if reports are to be believed, his agent has been given the go ahead to start reaching out to other clubs about a potential transfer. City want around £18 million for him and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s wearing a different shirt when 1st September rolls around.

Written by Zach Mascarelli

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4 comments on “Does Samir Nasri have a future at Manchester City?
  1. I am with you we must keep him. In addition, Papp knows nothing about the BPL the best league in all capacity fast, strong, very little time are given to you on the ball. with that said, I think Nasri should stay forget Leroy or Nolito, Nasri must stay and I name my son after him hopefully one day we meet him in person.

  2. Samir is a talented player, Wenger got the best out of him the same is possible under Pep. I don’t see the problem was in him it was in how he was managed. It will be a great loss to see him leave

  3. Every chance you will be correct, I have always thought Nasri’s main problem was he was always playing second fiddle to the maestro David Silva – when he was in the mood Nasri was brilliant, problem was it didn’t happen often enough. A slimline zabba was on tv today , a slightly tubby player will just not cut it with the prince of Catalonia in charge .

    • The media hounding of Samir has been nothing short of scandalous.
      Ever since Pep mentioned he was SLIGHTLY overweight, adding that he didn’t want the player to get injured again ‘for the coming season’…an indication Samir was in his plans…he has been pilloried as fat, lazy, uninterested and with no future at the club.
      Early today I happened to hear a Sun reporter on Talksport doing a paper review.
      Most of it was spent highlighting a column in the Sun devoted to Nasri’s shortcomings and laughing at him training alone. Old pictures!
      No mention was made of the fact that yesterday he was seen training as normal with the rest of the squad, looking trim, fit and happy. It was just another hatchet job.Pure negativity.
      If you look at the training gallery 2 days ago, note Mark Booth’s captions and the fact that three of those photos are of Samir. Note the references to a smiling Nasri!
      I believe the club put these out deliberately to show the reintegration of the player…it sent a message: He’s back, he’s one of us’
      The lad has had a torrid time with injury this past 12 to 18 mths…he’s had a major groin op and it wasn’t a great success.
      He was rushed back too soon, broke down immediately, and did some horrific damage.
      Is it really any surprise that having hardly played for a year, he would return slightly unfit? How difficult must it have been to maintain the correct weight when you’re not playing regular football?
      Samir is a spiky character. He speaks his mind and doesn’t mince his words He doesn’t pander to the media and they don’t like him because of it.
      The current campaign by the tabloids…ever eager to find a pantomime villain…reminds me of the agenda against Mario which eventually drove him out of football in this country.
      I think Samir has clearly made the effort to adhere to Pep’s instructions. He’s lost the excess weight. He’s back in training.
      Can’t we give him credit for that?
      It sickens me to see and hear City fans joining in the the abuse, mocking him, jumping on the negative media bandwagon!
      He’s a hugely talented player with immense technical ability. He’s scored many important, indeed winning, goals for us.
      I was looking forward to seeing Pep bringing the very best out of him.

      If that doesn’t happen, I know who I blame and isn’t him. If he isn’t given the chance and is forced out it will be because our tabloid press don’t want him to succeed. Sadly, very few of their victims escape and I expect Samir will be another casualty.
      In the meantime, he will have MY support and hopefully that of the majority of the City fanbase.
      Rant over.

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