ANNOUNCEMENT: Typical City has partnered with Zebrametrics

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made a few changes to our site to get you even more involved in the new season.


We’ve partnered with Zebrametrics so that you can have your say, rating our players, Pep and the ref after every Premier League game.

Over the course of a season, these democratic ratings will go a long way to asserting the supporter’s voice in the public debate. After all, why should a handful of pundits on TV and radio tell us, the hardcore fans, what to think of Raheem Sterling or Joe Hart?

All you have to do after ever Premier League game is to log on to this website, expand the plug-in on the home page, and select the players you wish to rate. And if you want to rate more players, the manager and the ref, simply login and voila!

Technical note: for the first few weeks, the plug-in will only work from a computer (preferably not using Safari as a browser). But fear not, it will soon be adapted to tablets and smartphones!


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2 comments on “ANNOUNCEMENT: Typical City has partnered with Zebrametrics
    • Thanks Tony. I think Zebrametrics were having some teething problems with their app but I’m told it’s all working fine now so give it another go after the Stoke match on Saturday.

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