Typical City: Manchester City Goal of the Season

In spite of Manchester City under-performing for large parts of the season, one thing that has been a constant is goals. Throughout the course of season there have been some fine ones, too. Today, the Typical City writers look back and are forced to choose their one and only favourite goal of the season.

Kevin De Bruyne v Crystal Palace. 28th October 2015

Alex Timperley @Alex_TIMP

Technically this one was scored by De Bruyne, but really it was all about Iheanacho. We’d been expecting big things from the young striker and this is the first time he properly delivered and made everyone take notice. The one touch passing move around the defence was great but the true brilliance of this goal was when Iheanacho was through on goal. 99.9% of strikers would have shot at that point, especially young strikers out to prove a point. Kelechi instead fooled everyone in the whole world, apart from De Bruyne, by squaring a perfect ball across the goal for the Belgian to tap into the net.

I’m not normally one to get over excited about youth players, but when that goal went in I, along with everyone else, knew that something special had just happened. Little did we know…

Sergio Aguero v Liverpool. 21st November 2015

Dan Burke @Dani_El_Burke

It’s been a pretty sparse season for memorably good goals but the best of the bunch in my opinion was Sergio Aguero’s in the 4-1 defeat to Liverpool back in November. It may only have been a consolation in an awful game from City’s point of view but the technique behind it was brilliant and gave the keeper absolutely no chance of saving it. There aren’t many players in the world capable of opening up their body and picking their spot from range like that and the fact it came in Kun’s first game back after nearly a month out through injury made it even more impressive. I also really loved Yaya Toure’s goal against West Brom on the opening day of the season. I love nothing more than a sweetly struck shot curving into the top corner and Yaya’s given us plenty of those down the years.

Yaya Toure v Arsenal. 21st December 2015

David Mooney @DavidMooney

It may have counted for nothing in the grand scheme of things, but Yaya Toure’s strike in the 2-1 defeat at Arsenal was one of the best goals of the 2015-16 campaign. Two goals behind, City needed something to get themselves back into the match – and, with ten minutes to play, Bacary Sagna pulled the ball back for the Ivorian on the edge of the box.

He was just into the area as he let the ball run across his body, before deftly side-footing a finish into Petr Cech’s top corner. It was on his weaker side, but it wasn’t possible to tell, as he wrapped his toes around the shot and lifted it into the net. The goalkeeper was left standing.

Samir Nasri v Everton. 23rd August 2015

Rob Toole @Bob_erto_

It feels like a long time since this goal and looking back at it now the positivity surrounding the club back then was in stark contrast the feeling of malaise at the moment. Nevertheless, this was a great goal. With City only having a slender lead against Everton it was incredible to see Nasri and Yaya, who love playing together, combine with such style and nonchalance in a high pressure situation to seal the three points. Samir started on the right and played into Yaya, who looked like he didn’t want to receive the ball. As soon as Nasri passed the ball he made a beeline for the box. Meanwhile, Yaya’s chipped through ball to the Frenchman, whilst looking in the opposite direction, was a pure delight. All that was left to do was for Nasri to lift over an onrushing Tim Howard. It was difficult football made to look easy. Superb.

Kevin De Bruyne v Newcastle. 3rd August 2015

Jill Peacock @Jill_Peacock

De Bruyne’s in the 6-1 win over Newcastle. Great cross in from Navas found De Bruyne in Newcastle’s box and, with all that space afforded to him, it was obvious someone would score – no way did I think he’d do that, though! Sublime volleyed finish that went sailing over the keeper into the top corner at the far post. Just a really clever goal that I don’t think anyone else other than Aguero would either attempt or pull off. It was great to see someone other than Sergio get on the scoresheet, and De Bruyne deserved his goal after a brilliant display. However, I’m pretty sure I knackered my wrist after smashing it off a metal barrier celebrating, so Kev owes me a pint for that one.

Kevin De Bruyne v Newcastle. 3rd August 2015

Ciaran Murray @CityScrawlings

I’ve gone for De Bruyne’s volley against Newcastle. On a day where Aguero could have had two hat tricks and was at his very, very best, De Bruyne still managed to produce the most memorable moment.

Jesus Navas, not always celebrated for his crossing ability, aimed ball into the box right from the touch line. I don’t know how KDB managed it but he angled his body and looped the ball right over Tim Krul and into the far end of the goal.

It’s my goal of the season because it’s the one time this year I remember being too astonished to say anything after; it just looked so spectacular from the other end of the ground. Alan Shearer reckoned it was a fluke which pissed me off as he knew exactly what he was doing. He did kind of shin it, like, but still – it was stunning.

Sergio Aguero v Chelsea. 16th August 2015

Richard Burns @RichardTheBurns

Maybe my generally negative memories of this season are getting to me a bit now, but it hasn’t been a particularly vintage year for great goals, has it? There’ve been a few, but some of the best ones have ended up counting for nothing.

My personal favourite comes from the first home game of the season against Chelsea. In front of the newly opened South Stand, Sergio Agüero gave City the lead with a wonderful goal. After a one-two on the edge of the box, he spun and left a packed defensive set-up for dead. On first glance, it looked like one great touch; slow-motion replays showed it to be a series of deft, nimble touches that bamboozled the Chelsea players. Once he’d worked himself the smallest amount of space, he side-footed the ball past Asmir Begovic to send the Etihad crazy and kick-start a memorable 3-0 victory.

That was a great day; shame the season didn’t live up to the expectations City made for themselves that day.

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  1. De Bruyne volley against Newcastle ….. Well it seems as someone who writes about city should also follow what is going on in the media, Shearer one of the greatest goal scorers ever knows a fluke and it was a fluke, De Bruyne admitted he wasn’t attempting to pull off the goal the way he did after the game so what on earth are you on about.

    Alex Timperley is clearly the only one who knows anything about football on here every time I read and has picked the best football goal by a mile.

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