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Despite falling short of expectations in the Premier League, Manchester City have enjoyed some great success in the cup competitions this season. Clinching the League Cup and reaching the Champions League semi-final, for the first time, were particularly memorable. With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that some of the cup games from this season feature heavily in the Typical City game of the season…

City 3-0 Chelsea, Premier League. 16th August 2015

Ciaran Murray @CityScrawlings

A sad indictment of the season but I’m going for Chelsea at home in August. It was the very first home game with the stand and it was just perfect. It was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever experienced at the Etihad. I wish we could have bottled it to keep for the rest of the season.

Jose Mourinho called the 3-0 score line a “Fake result.” In a way this was oddly prophetic as City never really stood up to any other major tests in the league after that day. Everything that afternoon, though, was so slick, so intense and so pulsating.

Chelsea never stood a chance, as far as I recall. Apart from that disallowed goal where Ramires celebrated in front of the Chelsea fans for what seemed like a full five minutes before he realised.

There were great goals, a great laugh over Chelsea’s doctors having to run on and there was an interesting sub plot with and a few afters between Costa and Fernandinho where Ferny laughed on his face then Mangala stuck up for him. Yes BQM.

Then someone decided to put on Madness’ One Step Beyond on the PA system and everyone went boogaloo. It was just a class day and I feel almost angry it was never close to being replicated again in the Premier League. Next year, I guess…

Alex Timperley @Alex_TIMP

This was my personal high point of the season. The reigning champions turned up and City just destroyed them. The sun was out, it was the first home game of the year and the team were so good that I dared, just for a minute, to think this might be a very good season indeed. Foolish in retrospect, but it was the perfect start to an imperfect season and was my high point. The innocence of August had not yet given way to the bitterness of City twitter in the winter and the club taking the piss out of the fans with ticket pricing. What a great weekend that was.

City 1-0 PSG (City win 3-2 on aggregate), Champions League Quarter Final. 12th April 2016

Dan Burke @Dani_El_Burke

I think the 3-0 win over Chelsea in the second game was probably City’s best performance of the season (which tells you a lot about how the rest of it went) but that result is much less impressive in retrospect so I’m going to go for the win over Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League quarter-final second leg. The 2-2 draw from the first leg meant it was very much advantage City but I think a lot of us were half-expecting them to fall flat on their faces back at the Etihad. As it happened, City put in a thoroughly professional and regimented performance, making light work of a formidable opponent and keeping a clean sheet to boot. Kevin De Bruyne’s winning goal was also a very good one and that night felt like a real watershed moment for the club in Europe which they will hopefully be able to build upon over the next two or three seasons.

Sevilla 1-3 City, Champions League group stage. 3rd November 2015

Jill Peacock @Jill_Peacock

I’m struggling to pick between the 3-1 away win at Sevilla or our 6-1 home win over Newcastle, but I’ll go with Sevilla. I was a bit nervous going into the game with Sevilla having never lost at home in the group stages of the Champions League and Aguero’s injury meaning that Bony was City’s only available striker. City surprised everyone though, really taking the game to Sevilla with an explosive start. I think we had about 4 shots at goal in the opening 5 minutes, and when Sterling put us 1-0 up inside the first 10 minutes it just felt like it was going to be City’s day. Once again, Fernandinho was excellent; providing an assist for the opening goal, getting on the scoresheet and nearly scoring another. Even Bony proved everyone wrong with his deft first-time finish (can’t believe I’ve used the words ‘deft’ and ‘Bony’ in the same sentence)! Great performance that meant City qualified for the knockout stages with a couple of games spare – surprisingly not so Typical City for once.

City 6-1 Newcastle, Premier League. 3rd October 2015

Richard Burns @RichardTheBurns

Easily dispatching a side that would go on to be relegated might not be anything out of the ordinary, but I have a great fondness for the 6-1 win over Newcastle at the Etihad back in October.

City trailed by a goal after 19 minutes and the deficit remained until Agüero leveled things up in the 42nd minute, resulting in a half-time deadlock. What followed after the break was ridiculous. The Blues had bagged another five goals by the 62nd minute, with Sergio taking his personal tally for the afternoon to five; it was the fastest five goal in Premier League history.

Pellegrini proved to be the party pooper – though understandably so – withdrawing his star striker before he could become the first player in the Premier League era to bag a double hat-trick. Had he stayed on, a sixth goal seemed an absolute certainty.

The 20 minutes of play in which City scored all six of their goals was the most relentlessly fun part of any game this season.

City 1-1 Liverpool (City win 3-1 on penalties), League Cup Final. 28th February 2016

David Mooney @DavidMooney

There are two ways to look at this: Which game was the most exciting or which game were City best in? While City’s greatest showings have been few and far between, there are a couple of standout displays – Newcastle at home, or Chelsea home or away…

But the best game of the season has to go to the League Cup Final penalty shoot-out win over Liverpool. City were impressive throughout, but never got the job done and, by full time, the game had it all: excitement, nerves, entertainment, anxiety, and – in the end – delight. On top of that, Willy Caballero’s penalty saves were very impressive.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Capital One Cup Final

Rob Toole @Bob_erto_

This was such a stressful game to watch but, in hindsight, it was absolutely glorious. I was convinced we were going to lose in the build up to the match but we ended up putting in one of best performances of the season. It is just a shame that the performance didn’t translate into loads of goals. Aguero should have had a penalty and Sterling missed two fantastic chances to wrap it up. With all the missed chances it was hardly surprising when Coutinho equalised with Liverpool’s first real attack on goal. Unbeknown to us at the time it would lead to the creation of a cult hero at the club. Step forward Willy Caballero.

With the game reaching the agonising prospect of a penalty shoot-out it was tailor made for someone to become a hero, whether it be a City or Liverpool player. Thankfully, it was Big Willy who made the headlines. He was a beast in the net and single-handedly won us the cup. Given his dire form for the club prior to this game and some of the online campaigning to ensure that he didn’t play, it was great to see him go from zero to hero. He will now forever be a club legend.

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