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During the summer transfer window of 2015 Manchester City made some big signings and once again demonstrated their financial power in the transfer market. Raheem Sterling signed from Liverpool for a reported £44 million, Fabian Delph joined from Aston Villa for £8 million, Nicolas Otamendi arrived from Valencia for a reported £27 million and then, finally, Kevin De Bruyne joined from German side Wolfsburg for £58 million.

Here, the team of Typical City writers ponder who has been the signing of the season. There are no prizes for guessing who it was…

Kevin De Bruyne – Dan Burke @Dani_El_Burke

Kevin De Bruyne, obviously. He’s been tremendously good at times and not so good at others but for him to come in and get as many goals and assists as he did in his first full season in English football was really impressive. His decision making sometimes leaves a lot to be desired but he’s still a reasonably young player and I think we could be talking him up as one of the world’s very best in a couple of years. We’ll never know for sure but things could have panned out rather differently for City had De Bruyne not picked up that injury in the Capital One Cup semi-final. I can’t wait to see what Pep Guardiola does with him because he’s already brilliant and has the potential to improve so much with the right coaching.


Kevin De Bruyne – Alex Timperley @Alex_TIMP

Is this a serious question? Fabian Delph. No, not really. Kev De Bruyne, for one very simple reason: Kev is brilliant at football and made me excited to go and watch City in a season where I’ve felt more disconnected from the club than ever before. I wonder if anyone has been facetious and answered “Pep Guardiola” on this one… I bet Mooney has.

Kevin De Bruyne – David Mooney @DavidMooney

There can be none other than Kevin De Bruyne, can there? The Belgian has revitalised City in his first nine months and hasn’t looked at all perturbed by the pressure that’s been on his shoulders to perform well. He’s created more goals than fans will have been expecting when he arrived and his reading of the game is superb.

The amount of money City pay for any player is always under scrutiny, so that De Bruyne’s transfer fee is so rarely talked about tells you exactly how well he’s performed this season. The scary thought is that he’s still developing and will only get better.

Kevin De Bruyne – Rob Toole @Bob_erto_

Kev was easily our best signing of the season. He has stood out from the crowd and has really shown us what he is all about. For the first few months it seemed as if he could do no wrong and the more time went on those “£60m Chelsea flop” headlines looked all the more absurd. It was very fitting that when he eventually had the chance to return to Stamford Bridge in April that he ran the show from start to finish. He wasn’t a d*ck about it either, he didn’t aggravate the fans or anything. He just turned up and played really, really well. When he got injured in the League Cup semi-final against Everton the entire fan-base seemed collectively devastated. For me, that speaks volumes about how much of an impact he has on the team. Here’s to many more years of Denton Kev.

Kevin De Bruyne – Ciaran Murray @CityScrawlings

Other than signing up China to take over part of the Club(!), nothing came close to the signing of Kevin De Bruyne. One of those melt summer transfers that goes on so long it gets boring but – in the end – so, so worth the wait.

I get excited going to the ground to watch him. When he gets the ball I wonder what’s going to happen. He is everywhere. When he’s missing – the team struggles. When he doesn’t have a good game – the team struggles.

He’s been key to so many of the good things in a season of so many not so good things. Chelsea really were crazy to let him go. My hopes are that he has a brilliant summer with Belgium then comes back with his tail up, ready for Pep Guardiola to mould him into one of the world’s best players.

I met my love at the Etihad, dreamed a dream of a ginger lad. Kevin De Bruyne, Kevin De Bruyne.

Kevin De Bruyne – Jill Peacock @Jill_Peacock

I’d like to say Pep, but I suppose I’ll have to pick a player. Kevin De Bruyne’s been the standout signing for me and has been the only one of the signings City made to have delivered on the hype that surrounded them. To be honest, he was the only player I found myself regularly getting excited about watching whilst on my way to the Etihad. Everyone else seemed to be at a notch below him and what he could bring to a game; we lacked drive and creativity going forward so many times this season and De Bruyne was the only one that looked like he had that extra something that could turn a game in City’s favour. He scored some great goals too – PSG and Newcastle at home immediately come to mind (I know it was my pick for goal of the season but come on, it was a brilliant finish). If only injuries hadn’t gotten in the way of his partnership with Silva taking off. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do next season (provided Pep doesn’t bin Silva of course).


Kevin De Bruyne – Richard Burns @RichardTheBurns

It has to be Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t it? For immediate impact as well as what we can expect long term, he looks exceptional value for money, even at £54m.

His propensity to pop up with important goals and assists, particularly at the start of the season, has been more than handy. Seville at home and PSG at home spring to mind as games where has had a decisive impact when it perhaps didn’t look like his teammates were going to produce the big moment.

He’s also an incredibly hard worker. It would be very easy for a young man to walk into a football club and have a pretty large chip on his shoulder, having just become their record signing and handed a contract befitting such status. Instead, he’s one of the most industrious players in the squad. Whenever he has a bad game – and it’s worth mentioning that there have been a few of those – he still never goes hiding. He always wants the ball, forever seeking that killer moment that swings a game in City’s favour.

He is a remarkable talent; it is tantalising to think just how good he could be once Pep gets his hands on him.

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