Why I Won’t Be Cheering When Leicester Win The League

Despite everyone saying that they would stumble over Christmas, and then in January, and then in February and so on, Leicester are still very much on course to win the Premier League.

It’s starting to feel like everyone is being pushed into wanting Leicester to win the league but I won’t be cheering when/if they do. Here’s why.

Leicester winning the league would be something of a modern fairy tale. It would be an antidote to the money flooding football and a good, maybe the best, story of the Premier League era, and so on.

In fact I don’t really see why they won’t win it beyond the fact that they’re Leicester, which isn’t a real reason. They’ve got very few games left and absolutely nothing to lose.

They have been fantastic all year and would undoubtedly deserve it. Except for Tottenham, every other potential league challenger has imploded and deserves the big pile of absolutely nothing they will get at the end of the season.

But if Leicester win the league I won’t be joining the crowds celebrating it as a victory against the immediacy of modern life or whatever it ends up being. I’ll give them a “well done” and a “fair enough” but that’s about it.

Fundamentally, I only ever want Manchester City to win the league. Obviously City’s general incompetence has made that incredibly unlikely this season but that’s no reason to suddenly jump on the Leicester bandwagon.

If they win it then they will deserve it and it will be truly incredible, but they don’t need the rest of us suddenly adopting Leicester as some sort of second team/lucky mascot.

If Leicester win the league it belongs to them and their fans. It’s nothing to do with the rest of us and attempting to latch onto their celebrations would be patronising and opportunistic.

Just leave them to it.

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Written by Alex Timperley

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6 comments on “Why I Won’t Be Cheering When Leicester Win The League
  1. It’s a bit mean spirited to not hope they win it if we don’t! I don’t think anyone will be celebrating with them, it’s not what they mean when they wish them well! I congratulate any team who beats us as well if they played better, it’s called sportsmanship and sadly some people have lost that, including fans and worse players! Not a good trait, it’s mean and it’s petty!

  2. They were in the bottom three a year ago and have only brought three new players into the first 11 since. Fuchs, Kante and Okazaki. They were in League one 6 years ago, and have never even won the FA Cup before, let alone the League. They were 5,000-1 to win the League at the start of the season. They have the Premier Leagues top scorer who they bought for £1m from a non-league team. That’s about as close to a fairy tale as you can get.

    But they could win it with less than 80 points. So if you support a team that expects to get 80 points every season, and win a trophy, then you haven’t really got much to cheer about. West Ham could still win the FA Cup and qualify for the Champion’s League. The world could be changing for good.

    • Comparible teams like ya Man Us an cities are are spending tens of millions where as the majority rellagation predicted little old Leicester are buying in single units of millions.
      Think that’s the short and curlies of you donkey.
      Cmon the foxes, only three losses and another easy win tonight. Boooom in ya face

    • Are starting line up cost 22m mate. So compared to rest of the league weve spent nothing. Newcastle have spent over 100m this season and look where they are. Man City spent that on 2 players. You obviously havent got cluehave you? So Yes it is fairytail mate and im loving every minute of it. Even if we end up finishing forth it would still of been a dream season ror everyone involved and credit to the players, ranieri, the owners and the fans. The only thing that is a joke mate… is you!

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