“At least City aren’t in Division 2 anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“At least we aren’t in Division 2 anymore!!!!!!!!!”

Stop this right now.

City once again served up some pure nonsense last night at Anfield, as has become tradition. As surely as night follows day this inspired some to declare that “it could be worse!”.

This has to stop. Please stop doing this.

I get the point people are attempting to make when this endless positivity falls out of their mouths. In living memory City were a lot worse than they are now and so we shouldn’t complain.

I get it, but honestly it is such a load of rubbish.

The only way it could ever make sense is if we were enjoying our recent successes with a squad still of the terrible standard of 90’s City. If Paul Dickov and the lads had won every domestic trophy, finished in the top two for the last 4 years and started making their mark in the Champions League then fair enough.

But they aren’t, are they?

This nu-City is the exact opposite of our playoff heroes and judging them by the same standards is just pointless happy clapping.

City have been largely rubbish this season and it’s ok to say that. It doesn’t make you a better, truer fan to stick #together and pretend all is well by hiding behind this “it could be worse!!!!!!!” stuff. It makes you a fantasist.

The players give it all this “we tried hard”, #together stuff, and that’s fine. As much as it turns my blood to lava and my eyes Sauronic seeing them talk about how the title is still on and #believe and so on, that’s their job.

It’s not our job. We aren’t an extension of the PR department.

Saying that City have had a bad season is fine. It’s good. Letting the manager and players off the hook in the name of mindless positivity is not ok. It is not good.

Maybe if City had beaten any of the teams around the top of the league even once there might be something to be positive about. But they haven’t. It’s a wasted season and players like this have performed way below expectations.

It doesn’t make me or anyone else feeling negative a worse/ungrateful person for thinking it. It doesn’t make us not true City fans.

For the love of Fernando, please stop.

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Written by Alex Timperley

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One comment on ““At least City aren’t in Division 2 anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  1. Quite right! I am sick of the laziness in City’s squad at the minute. This season, any game that requires more than the bare minimum effort, from both the players and the management, has ended in loss. Not just a close loss, but a shameful one.
    It makes me question whether the good results we’ve had recently are actually relevant. Dynamo Kiev might have given a better account of themselves if they’d played us on the back of a few league games. And clearly Liverpool didn’t fancy the Cup. They saved their real performance for the league.
    City will fall short in the next stage of the Champions League because they are so one dimensional to play against, and they’ll be lucky to stay in the top 4. I feel sorry for Guardiola having to try and pick this team up!

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