We Are Hiring!

We at Typical City are have decided to cover Manchester City Women as fully as possible this season and are looking to bring someone new on board to do this – could it be you?

A main goal of our reader funded model was to do this and thanks to the fantastic support we have received we can now get on with it at last. The women’s team don’t get enough coverage and we want to help correct that.

The Role

Match “analysis” after each game attended. (600 words)

One “feature” a month. A piece about MCWFC in general or about a particular player etc. (800-1000 words)

Anything else you fancy. It’s not a particularly prescribed role. If there is anything you want to do or any ideas you have for new things/features then you will be able to do them.

What We Are Offering

Press passes for each home game. I.e. free tickets in the good bit of the academy stadium with fancy seats and the best view from the half way line.

Monthly Payment – This very much falls into the “token amount” bracket at present but should increase over time. Details of this will be discussed at a later point, but please don’t come into this thinking it’s loads of cash.

A supportive, successful place to take up a new hobby.

What we need from you

Someone who can make it to most MCWFC home games. The games are occasionally at weird times so we don’t expect you to be able to get to all of them. This isn’t something we’d ask you to give up your real life for.

Someone genuinely interested in MCWFC/women’s football in general. We’re not looking to be an example for someone’s journalism coursework if they’re just going through the motions. Students are welcome obviously, but Typical City is a fan site and we are looking for a fan first and foremost.

What we aren’t looking for

We don’t necessarily need someone who supports the City first team. We know a lot of people who support MCWFC couldn’t care less about the men’s team. Ultimately this is about the women’s team and that is the most important thing.

People who are already professional journalists.

People who take football too seriously.

How to apply

Send us a couple of hundred words on a subject of your choice. The aim here is to check you know how to write. We are looking for a style we like with a bit of personality to it rather than someone who wants to write boring minute by minute match reports.

All applications will go through some sort of anonymisation process so we don’t just subconsciously pick someone we know. Will be judged on the writing and the writing alone.

Please apply with your bit of writing to: atTypicalCity@gmail.com

Closing date: Tuesday 1st March.

Any questions, please ask us over email, twitter, facebook etc. Thanks!

Typical City is funded by the readers via our Patreon page. Please consider funding us with $1 a month so we can continue to operate as we are now. Thank you in advance.

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