JULIAN WEIGL: Who? Why Do City Want Him? Are Dortmund Selling?

The rumours about Pep Guardiola have made this transfer window very slightly more interesting than normal ones. The sort of journalists who fabricate transfer rumours have worked out that if they go through Guardiola’s past statements they can link City to any player he has previously mentioned and start a whole new branch of speculation beyond the normal names.

Now it’s not for me to suggest that they have barely heard of these players and never seen them play but so far it all seems a bit far fetched. We are suspicious. The latest name to come out of the hat is that of Borussia Dortmund’s Julian Weigl. Who is he? What is he good at? Will Dortmund really sell one of their bright young stars? We talked to Lars from the Yellow Wall Pod to find the truth…

Thanks for coming on, Lars. First up, who is Julian Weigl?

Julian Weigl is the biggest positive surprise for Borussia Dortmund in a season full of them under first-year head coach Thomas Tuchel. When the then-19-year-old was signed for €2.5 million from 1860 Munich, he was thought to be talented, but a player who’d need to learn a lot before eventually playing a role for a side as strong as the Black and Yellows somewhere down the road.

Supporters knew they’re watching something special developing in front of their eyes from his first appearance in the summer training camp. Weigl looked like he belonged, and he’s proven that in his first six months with the club.

What is he like?

He’s a regular starter as BVB’s lone holding midfielder despite his slight build and lack of experience. No other Dortmund player has played as many games as Weigl, who missed just one of 30 this season.

He’s been likened to Sergio Busquets by Marti Perarnau, and you can see why: his best qualities are his football intelligence and his passing. Weigl’s always open for the centre-backs or his partners in midfield, which makes him a key component in Tuchel’s system. Another player he’s similar to would be Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta.

Roughly how stupid and untrue are the rumours connecting him with City?

The recent rumours linking him with Man City have been met with ridicule among Dortmund’s supporters, and with good reason. There’s absolutely no chance whatsoever Weigl’s leaving Dortmund anytime soon.

It makes sense to think City would be interested, however, especially if Pep Guardiola takes over – he’s rumoured to have been angry with the Bayern officials for missing out on this big a talent playing in the same city – because he’s a perfect fit for Guardiola’s style of football.

But Dortmund are definitely not inclined to sell him this January, or in the next few years at all.

Very conclusive! Thanks a lot for participating in today’s episode of Mythbusters…

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Written by Alex Timperley

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