Stevan Jovetic… Surely He’s Not Coming Back? Surely…

Today we awoke to some unwelcome news. Reports that Stevan Jovetic is maybe losing out at Inter Milan came with the unwelcome thought that he might be back in Manchester at some point.

Now personally I was hoping to never have to write the name “Stevan Jovetic” again but here we are, unfortunately. It was with a heavy, weary heart that I considered the possibility of a return for Jovetic so to get a bit more information about what exactly is going on over there I spoke to our friendly Internazionale expert from SempreInter

Hello! Thanks for coming on and answering some questions about this situation. Jovetic seemed to be key to the Inter front line earlier this season – what’s changed? 

Ever since his brilliant start to the season Jovetic has been having problems with getting assists and goals. Icardi is Inter’s captain and has scored some goals lately, this means Jovetic can’t take the central striker role and the two seem to have slight problems in playing together. Ljajic’s great performances and Perisic being a more normal winger are also reasons to why Jovetic hasn’t been getting a lot of playing time.  I don’t believe that there’s a big problem for Jovetic at Inter and I believe that he will get more and more playing time very soon. The team needs him on the pitch and mainly at the moment he is suffering from having a dip in his form whilst the other offensive players are in better form and/or offer the tactical solutions that Mancini wants.

What is the speculation in Italy saying?

I read the news about Jovetic possibly leaving Inter today but I don’t believe it at the moment. I think the player will remain at Inter at least until the summer and I also read that Inter’s option to buy Jovetic is not only activated depending on how many games he plays, but also  on where Inter are in the table.  The speculations about Inter players as problems are always the same and after Melo got the red card against Lazio it was said Inter wanted to sell him, the problem is that Melo has already played for two clubs this season(Galatasaray and Inter) and can’t join a third club. Speculations like these about Inter’s players are normal, I don’t put so much weight into them.

Did his bust up in the rooms recently have anything to do with it?

Even though this was toned down by everyone involved and Inter denied anything happen, I really believe it can be a reason to why Mancini isn’t playing with Jovetic anymore. Against Sassuolo the game was at 0-0 and Jovetic didn’t come on until very late. The fans want to see Jovetic play but Mancini has his way of handling things. Ljajic was in the same situation just a while ago and by taking it in the right way Ljajic made it back into the starting line up. I believe Jovetic can do the same.

Can he save his Inter stay?

Seeing as I believe the speculations are exaggerated I don’t think there’s much to save. Jovetic will stay at Inter until June and then his future might be discussed. If Mancini wants another player or doesn’t want Jovetic to stay, he might face the same destiny as Shaqiri. Though I believe the Montenegrian striker has all the possibilities to stay at Inter if he gets on Mancini’s good side and does what he does best, scores goals and assists.

That was very informative, thanks a lot for clearing up a few things for us…

City fans: Would you ever want Jovetic back or are you glad to be done with him? 

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Written by Alex Timperley

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  1. A fit Jovetic has a lot of potential a very clever player without doubt, always heard city fans talking about him as a striker along with a lack of goals, he has never been an out and out striker.

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