What You Could Buy From City If You Win The Lottery

You’re probably aware that the National Lottery jackpot for tonight is somewhere around the £60m mark. It would be a phenomenal, life-changing sum of money for your average Manchester City supporter.

If you’re lucky enough to win the prize then presumably your mind will be racing as you consider whether you want to go public (but why on Earth would you?) and you contemplate the new world of possibilities that have opened up to you.

You could, of course, do worse than spend it at your favourite club. But what could you buy? Here’s a few suggestions for you to think about as you come to terms with your new found wealth, you lucky sausage.

Lotto ticket

If you wanted to go on a trolley dash around the Etihad, here’s what you could pick up:

Kevin De BruyneIt only took £54m for City to bring the Belgian to Manchester in the summer. At that rate, you could purchase the outrageously talented assist-machine and still have a tidy £6m left over. Y’know, to treat yourself with.

One and 1/3 Raheem Sterling’s (Approx.)The 21-year-old joined the Blues for £44m in July after a protracted transfer saga. You could get the England-capped former Liverpool man and do what you want with him. I’m not sure what you’d do with the extra third, mind. Be warned though, he gets booed everywhere he goes for no reason at all, so if you’re thinking of popping out to the shops with your newly acquired footballer, expect some hassle from the shop’s patrons. For no reason. I can’t stress that enough – literally none at all. Also, some former Anfield favourites might chip off at you – don’t be surprised if John Aldridge starts accusing young Raheem of ruining the Lotto because he’s just not earned it yet.

Sevilla FC v Manchester City FC - UEFA Champions League

Seven Fabian Delph’sYou won’t get him quickly, but at £8m-per-Delph you’d be getting a bargain, as Manuel Pellegrini has found this season. Of course, he’ll first tell you that he loves being a footballer and doesn’t want to come to your new mansion or ride with you in your fancy new car or whatever, but give him a week or so and he’ll realise just what he’s missing out on. Ideal for those of you who have always wanted a pet snake.

Not even a quarter of Lionel Messi – probablyOnce Pep Guardiola is City manager (probably) he’s going to (probably) bring Lionel Messi to The Etihad Stadium with him. He’s (probably) the best footballer of all-time. You could chip in and help Sheikh Mansour out with the purchase – not that he needs it – and contribute to the transfer fee, but with some sources suggesting a move for the brilliant Argentinian could set the Blues back over £200m, you’d be out of money and would own about a quarter of a very small man – think carefully before making this investment.

Four million pairs of Manchester City ‘Lucky Pants’I’m not on commission here. I just think you should buy four millions pairs of lucky pants. Because why not? Follow this link if you want them


A Lamborghini for PellegriniWe all know which vehicle Sheikh Mansour went to Spain in when recruiting the manager, but you could buy the soon-to-be-departed Chilean his own sporty motor vehicle and not even notice it. When it hits UK showrooms in April, the Murcielago LP460 Roadster will be priced at £211,000. Mere pocket change to you now, eh?

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Written by Richard Burns

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