Leroy Sané – Who Is He? Why Do City Want Him?

The transfer window is open again and and City have inevitably been linked with another big money move. Normally these newspaper rumours would be treated with the utter contempt which they deserve but this time it is a newer, more unusual name and so we have dug a little deeper.

Leroy Sané is hot property in Germany. Is he right for City? Would the club really spend so much money on a kid in January? Let’s have a look…

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Sané is an incredibly highly thought of young attacking midfielder. There are a lot of fact files on him already out there dealing with his goals record, his past and present clubs and so on. Instead of doing another one of those we spoke to Nik from the excellent Bundesliga Fanatic site to find out how he plays and whether this is the right time for the German to make such a high profile move…

“Right now it seems like Schalke are rather keen on keeping him, but should the transfer fee City is willing to pay get towards 55 million Euros it would certainly cause outgoing sporting director Horst Heldt to reconsider his stances on Sané definitely not leaving the club this summer. A funny side note: Wolfsburg’s Klaus Allofs said that de Bruyne was 99% likely to stay just weeks before City bought him…

There are a few risks involved with a winter transfer for Sané: He wants to be part of the 2016 EUROs line up for Germany, and making move during the winter is risky in that regard: He needs to play first team football, and with City’s squad that is not a given. Right now his agent says that Schalke is the best place for his further development. However, if he decides to stay I think he and his agent are likely to change their minds if the Royal Blues fail to qualify for the Champions League. Playing in Europe’s finest club competition is the next natural step in such a player’s career, and it is important that he takes that step sooner rather than later.

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Sane as a player would be a great asset to most teams in the Premier League. He’s quick, has good skills on the ball and he’s been a decent finisher. In the second part of last season he was pretty much the only bright spot to an other wise rather dire end to the season. The kid is not afraid to run at his opponents using his tremendous speed and he has shown that he can create danger out of nowhere. On his best days many defenders simply can’t find any way to defend against him.

Having said that, he has been blowing hot and cold at times, but that is to be expected of a player who is at such an early stage of his career.”

Sané clearly has a bright future ahead of him. If City are seriously looking to bring in a 19 year old for such a large fee then it is clearly to snap him up before he goes elsewhere – that alone would speak to what a massive talent he is.

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With David Silva getting older and Samir Nasri existing in some sort of no man’s land there will be a need in the future to add another top class attacker to go alongside Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling. Is Sané that man? Possibly, I suppose? What that says about the chances for the current EDS players will be a topic for future debate, however…

All of the above comes with the caveat that all the speculation may well be entirely fabricated by the press, of course…

What are your thoughts on this? Think City should be looking at players like this or should the people in charge place a bit more faith in the academy? What do you think of spending that sort of money on a 19 year old?

Infographics courtesy of  KickOff (www.kickoff.co.uk)

Infographics courtesy of KickOff (www.kickoff.co.uk)

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Written by Alex Timperley

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3 comments on “Leroy Sané – Who Is He? Why Do City Want Him?
  1. What makes you think we want him, as far as im concerned it’s nothing more than media created rubbish trying to earn his club a big pay day by trying to create a bidding war over the player, either that or his agent has paid bild off to do the job. Manchester City would never pay that aount of money for an unproven kid, that is what he is a kid.

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