Manchester City Are A Ridiculous Football Club

Once again City have done something strange and wonderful, beating Bayern Munich to keep Champion’s League hopes alive despite playing like total frauds for at least 80 minutes of the game. Last night was the latest game in a long tradition which defines City’s recent history.

It must be strange for the club’s owners to look at all the money they’ve spent and their reams of data and statistics and see that the super club they have created still indulges in the same nonsense as the team which was relegated the year after winning the league back in the day, was knocked out of the FA Cup by a balloon, was relegated by that Jamie Pollock own goal or almost bottled the Division 2 Playoff Final.

City have long been a club which holds farce and glory in their hands, both ready to embrace at any opportunity. Previously City have tended to go down the route of farce in Europe  and leave the good stuff behind, but last night the continent saw the other side of City as well.

Lets make no bones about it, City were rubbish last night. Bayern Munich’s ten men deserved to win that game. But they didn’t thanks to the genius of Sergio Aguero and a slice of luck which City have been too often denied in the Champion’s League. And crucially, City didn’t give up.

“We’ll fight to the end” goes the song which could easily be awful and mawkish. Instead it tends to become real at the most important times. Journalists use it. The club and players take it as an article of faith. City don’t always come up trumps, but how people can ever not believe that City might pull something out of the bag after everything we’ve seen, especially over the last few years, is beyond me.

One day people will stop writing City off in October. One day people, including our own fans, will stop writing City off at half time. Over and over again it proves to be a mug’s game.

Now the challenge is to kick on, to use this result as a platform for future success, to go to Rome and win as we know the team are capable of. City are a ridiculous and brilliant club to support, capable of the sublime and of self sabotage, and I wouldn’t have it any other way even if I really don’t understand them at times.

Written by Alex Timperley who is on Twitter

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8 comments on “Manchester City Are A Ridiculous Football Club
  1. I don’t think we were quite as poor as you suggest last night – but what I don’t understand is why fans still leave a game early as some did again last night

  2. We were embarrassing last night.

    I Could understand City playing cagey for the first 20 minutes, but tactics should have changed when Bayern went down to 10 men. From that moment City should have pressed and harried. They did neither and Bayern’s 10 men flourished.

    It was a pathetic and timid display.

    Hart stood rooted to the spot like mesmerised tart for the first goal. Unfortunately Caballero and the 3 recent imports on display last night are not fit for purpose;

    Sagna, weak.
    Mangala, erratic (but pacey)
    Fernando, ponderous.

    Were I the Sheikh I would have those responsible arrested and tried in UAE Sharia court for squandering his money. Problem is, he will have to spend even more with pay offs when the cull takes place.

  3. I’ve watched City when we were really rubbish, they were certainly not rubbish last night, not great but not rubbish.

  4. With fans like you City hardly need enemies. You genuinely believe that both Bayern goals didn’t involve a fair amount of luck?

    • “You genuinely believe that both Bayern goals didn’t involve a fair amount of luck?”

      Luck be blowed! Both goals involved more than a fair amount of City incompetence.

    • There was no luck needed with the first one tbh. Hart’s positioning of the wall and himself was sunday league level. His positioning for the second goal was wrong too. But of course there was luck involved in this one.
      But Bayern were the better team with 11 men and for at least 60 minutes with only ten. They are just a class above us and made us look clueless at times. They didn’t really create anything dangerous apart from the goals but they didn’t need to and they showed the control we so often lack this season. Pragmatism ftw.
      And I don’t know about you but when a team has a one goal and man advantage and still needs a miracle performance by one player I’d say the team as a whole was pretty rubbish.

    • correct,there is to much of this from so called city fans,whining,just except the great win and cheers and shout about it. there is to much souless whining going on nowadays. i dont recognise the fans nowadays .no atmosphere,hobby for a day . singing is beneath them it seems.

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