Inside the Opposition: An Interview with Manchester United Fan Sean O’Sullivan

After Friday’s interview with Darren Richman, I’ve been out and got us perhaps the jewel in the crown of Manchester United’s Twitter contingent: Sean O’Sullivan.

I wanted to know what he felt about Roy Keane after the recent furore over his book, and whether he felt United should adopt the Director of Football model that’s working so well for us.

I know you were always someone who felt one of Ferguson’s great strengths was eking as much out of his players as was humanly possible, but do you think that’s now even more obvious given Moyes’ struggles?

For all the whining about what he left behind him (and it was obviously not good), I think he genuinely underestimated how much of a positive effect he had on pretty ordinary players. There was a lot of ego involved in attempting to pick a clone of a successor (turned out all they had in comparison was country of birth), but there was also an odd humility about leaving such a disastrous squad. He believed in the fuckers. He thought Antonio Valencia was world-class. He probably still does.

Explain the ways in which Van Gaal is an improvement on Moyes?

He doesn’t sound like a terrified sub teacher when he talks, which is a start. And we are genuinely playing better football. We are still largely shite however, and the results have obviously been piss poor. I was never as fully on the Van Gaal bandwagon as some. We don’t really seem to have a clear gameplan on or off the field at the moment. It’s basically City under Mancini, clearly an upgrade on the fraudster that went before but arguably not enough. Let’s hope we can pox a league too like Bobby Manc did. The main thing though is that we’re fun to watch again. That 5-3 at Leicester was absolutely hilarious.

Angel Di Maria is a wonderful player who would walk into side in the league. What on earth were Real Madrid doing letting him go and what kind of impact can he have at Old Trafford?

Best player in the league I reckon. It does seem ridiculous for Real to let him go, but Rodriguez is incredible, they had to have their shiny World Cup toy and it’s probably silly to keep a £60m player on the bench. Not sure it was worth the extra money but it’s not like that matters to Madrid, and they’re still the best side in Europe, so *shrugs*.

Do you think United would benefit from a Director of Football? I think you’re crying out for one, but they’re still treated with suspicion over here.

100%. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. Some people have seen shit directors of football and confused this with directors of football being shit, because some people are idiots.

A lot of United fans really dislike Roy Keane now after everything he’s said since leaving the club, but I have a lot of respect for him. Where do you stand?

The man is my idol. Any United fan who doesn’t worship him can go fuck themselves.

What have you made of City under Pellegrini?

The most forgettable champions for a while, I’m not sure anyone really noticed you won it. In fairness I think it’s because we were too busy laughing at Liverpool, I’m pretty sure you were good and scored a load of goals and stuff. Been rubbish this year. Will still come second because everyone else has forgotten to football even worse.

Who will win the league this season?

lol come on

Combined City-United XI?

Whoever’s in City’s team except for Dave, Di Maria and Falcao if he’s still alive.


9-4 City

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  1. No problem at all with that. Suppose my point was really about readership and the planned/hoped for increase in circulation readership – at a personal level I don’t mind/couldn’t really care less. I can compete with best when it comes to profane language at a football match, but for the sake of writing fcuk or f**k there is no loss of meaning/interpretation and less risk of losing a reader/potential reader.

    Your use of stfu is a decent enough example of you saying what you want without being overly explicit.

  2. Enjoyed reading the straightforward/no nonsense replies from the united fan. On a personal note – and I know I’m at risk of sounding over fussy but I genuinely didn’t thing the repeated use of the bad language added anything to the piece.

    In my opinion it some respects reflects poorly on Sean’s ability to express himself.

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