ANNOUNCEMENT: Typical City Joins New Football Network “Football Collective”

I’m pleased to announce that Typical City is now part of the exciting new football network: Football Collective.

After lots of hard-work and writing for free, Typical City will now finally have an opportunity to reach a wider audience and make some money to fund the development of the website and pay the team of writers I’ve assembled over the years.

The site itself won’t change. The way we write, the features we produce and the general style of Typical City will remain completely intact. The guys at Football Collective are actively encouraging us to remain the same independent voice we’ve always been. I really hope our regular readers will continue to engage with our content, with lots of new readers now set to join you given the new platform Football Collective will be providing.

It’s been a great journey for me. I started Typical City at the beginning of the ill-fated 2012-13 season – Roberto Mancini’s last – and things have gone from strength to strength. I started with my friend Rob Toole, and when it became clear my other writing work was taking too much of my time, we brought in Alex Timperley, who has been an asset and, at times, has kept this site going.

I never wanted this site to be one man’s voice. I wanted it to be open to other City fans with opinions. We now have a stable of six regular writers, the original three plus David Mooney, Richard Burns and Ciaran Murphy, as well as a host of other contributors.

All our link up with Football Collective means is a wider audience and some regular money, which, considering we’ve all written for free for so long, is very welcome.

Thanks for all your help along the way.

In the meantime, please follow Football Collective on their various social media platforms



Instagram: @fbcollectivecom

Written by Rob Pollard

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