New Manchester City Cup Away Kit Launched

City have today announced the launch of a new cup away kit, a sexy little purple number modelled here by David Silva. It harks back to some of the great kits of the early nineties – a winner, I’m sure, for those of us who strutted around Maine Road misguidedly believing success was just around the corner.

It boasts a polo neck design and has the phrase “We Are City” written inside the back of the neck.

David Silva

“This half-half appearance is a traditional football design, but we added a new twist,” said Martin Lotti, Nike’s Creative Director for Global Football. “We wanted to utilize vibrant colour so these kits look brighter at night against the grass and under floodlights. Under a dark sky these kits will look electric, as if powered by batteries, and will provide an almost electric flash of colour on the pitch.”

Top 1

The club had this to say about the new design:

The shirt, shorts and socks are all in a lighter tone of purple on the front, while the entire back is a darker purple.  These two tones are divided by a lime green stripe on both sides of the kit.

These stripes stretch from the collar, along both shoulders, down each side of the shirt, the shorts, and right down to the socks. The stripe will accentuate a sense of speed when the players are in motion.


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