PRE-SEASON: Tottenham Part 2

For Part 2 of our pre-season look at Tottenham we’ve got Jack from the Rule The Roost podcast on. You might know him better as his elephant alter ego from Twitter or his YouTube channel which is full of brilliant, and surreal, animations looking at Tottenham players and poking fun at the club & fans. 

Hi Jack, thanks for answering some questions for us. Last season ended about as well as it could given the mess created by your favourite person – Tim Sherwood. How are you feeling about Pochettino so far? 

To be honest, I wasn’t particularly excited by his arrival. Many of my non-Spurs supporting mates described it as a ‘very Tottenham’ appointment, which is probably the most appropriate way to phrase it.

Sparing you the concerns that ‘he don’t have no plan-b’, what can be said of him, is that he’s making a lot of positive noises about the way in which he wants to take the club forward.

The stock ‘we should be challenging’ soundbites have also been backed up with talk of creating a cohesive, club philosophy. Talk of assessing the existing players that we have and looking to bring the best out of them, instead of making wholesale changes, is also encouraging.

If I’m to be completely honest though, I’ve seen so many managers come and go in my time as a Spurs fan, that I struggle to really buy into the talk anymore. Pochettino is hard to truly quantify, he doesn’t feel experienced enough to get massively excited about, but he feels exciting enough to not be as desolate as when Sherwood was in charge. No expectation either way, let’s just see what the lad can do.

(I’ve turned into Harry Redknapp it would seem.)

I’m a bit jealous you have Lloris. He’s a wonderful goalkeeper. Ensuring he stays with you looks like some of the best business of the window so far and he might be the difference getting in getting you into the Champion’s League places. It like the most competitive year ever for those Top 4 places – Think you can do it? 


I don’t even have a faint glimmer of hope about it either, which is oddly liberating.

Agree with you though, Hugo is great. Although I was called ‘deluded’ for saying that he’s better than Szczęsny.


Any Spurs players in particular that should be really kicking on this season? Or alternatively, any youth players which we should be keeping an eye out for/enthusiastically photoshopping into City shirts?

All of our central midfield options need to kick on this season. Sandro, Paulinho, Dembele, Capoue and Holtby all carry with them great promise, and the capacity to gravely disappoint in equal measure.

Currently don’t feel that any of them are irreplaceable, yet they all feel like the type of players that could go on elsewhere and absolutely boss it. Probably at Everton or Schalke, somewhere like that.

Erik Lamela has looked as though he’s making a real effort to put a troubling season behind him, and has been sharp during pre-season.

Christian Eriksen really started to look like our next ‘player’ at the tail end of last season too, so I expect to see him seal his future move to Madrid this year.


Is Michael Dawson still a good enough option for Spurs if you want to me challenging for the top places? Negredo, for one, exposed him as a very limited player at the Etihad last year…  

Dawson is a hugely divisive figure at Spurs. When I think about Dawson, I can’t help but think of the scene from the Simpsons where Bart throws the Frisbee at Santa’s little Helper, only for it to hit him square in the face.

Although his time as a first choice centre-back should be no more, I’m personally happy to have him around the club.

Feels like we’ve lost a lot of our identity in the past few seasons, and having someone with a genuine connection to the club and supporters is only a positive thing, right? Although according to a lot of our fans ‘we don’t need no cheerleaders’.

He’s also a decent option for Carling Cup games.

He’s also big and hard and northern and hates Arsenal, which earns him bonus points for me.

If you could pick one City player for your starting XI, who would you have? 

Vincent Kompany. The lad is top class and it would be funny to hear the Arsenal try and convince themselves, as much as us, that Koscielny was the better of the two.

World Cup - Kompany

Say what?

They already try that?

Well I’ll be dammed

Haha, only some of them… Thanks for answering our questions, Jack. Enjoy the season

Interview by Alex Timperley who is on Twitter

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