PRE-SEASON: Arsenal Part 2

For the second half of our look at Arsenal, we turned to Andrew from the all conquering Arseblog, the definitive Arsenal fan website which has basically everything you need to know about the club.

Hi Andrew. Bearing in mind the new signings and renewed optimism at Arsenal, what are you expecting from this season? Would another fourth place finish be acceptable or do you want more this year? 

Obviously I want more but there can only be one winner and the competition is fierce. What I’d like to see is a title challenge that’s sustained right until the end of the season.

I’m a big fan of Walcott. I love his ability to destroy teams single handedly when the mood takes him. He should be an automatic starter for England in my opinion, but it looks like he might not be for Arsenal this season. Where does the signing of Alexis Sanchez leave Theo?

It gives him competition for his place, that’s for sure, but Sanchez is more versatile and can play centrally and also on the left. And one of the main issues Arsenal have had in the last few years is a lack of depth in key positions so I don’t see this as a problem at all.

Walcott Sanchez

This season has all the hallmarks of a turning point for Jack Wilshere. Is he worth the perseverance if he, yet again, doesn’t really kick on this year? He seems like a moaning liability a lot of the time…

Moaning liability is very harsh, but he’s definitely got to improve and make a mark this season. Last season was probably one of consolidation for him after so many injury problems, so this year is a good chance for him to kick on. He’s certainly got the talent but now he’s got to show it on a more consistent basis.


Is City’s lack of “homegrown” (English or otherwise) players in the first team a legitimate concern or are people, i.e. the Press, unduly worried about nothing in your opinion?

I suppose it’s only a concern for you if you don’t have enough players to fulfil the homegrown quota, but then, with your resources, you should be able to just buy who you need.

Hint hint, City heirarchy...

Hint hint, City heirarchy…

Finally, if you could have one City player for your starting XI, who would you take?


Sergio Aguero.

Short, sweet, and entirely understandable. Thanks for answering our questions, Andrew, and good luck this season!

Interview by Alex Timperley who is on Twitter

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