For our Everton season preview we welcome Ian Ball who is involved with some very good fan websites such as Sing When We’re Winning and Nil Satis Nisi Optimum as well as the Everton Podcast. All are excellent resources for the blue half of Merseyside, especially as they are somewhat under represented in comparison with their neighbours.

Hi Ian, Everton took some big strides last year, playing lovely football under Martinez. Before a ball has been kicked, what would you call a satisfactory finish for your lot this year?

A satisfactory finish would be top 10, I know a lot will be expecting more, but people sometimes need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, personally I can see us finishing in and around the top 7 with the outside chance of top 4.

I personally quite like Martinez, both because he seems like a nice man and because his more open style of play is easier for City to play against than Moyes’s wall of boring that he often erected against us. Attractive football is better to watch, but would you rather see Martinez occasionally shut up shop a bit more against the top teams?

In a word… No!


I would prefer however to be able to contain teams more and hopefully be able to score a few more than whoever we’re playing I enjoy end to end football.

Your minimal expenditure has been a bit of a feature in transfer windows for years now but recent rumours seem to suggest bigger money moves in your future. Is this a good thing or is the more cautious approach preferable?

Seeing as I’m writing this after the signing of Romelu Lukaku, Muhamed Besic, a couple of youth players and the possibility of one more money buy and a couple of loans, then I think I prefer the spending


This season’s Europa League winner will qualify for the Champion’s League… Will Everton be going balls out in Europe or is it too much of a distraction? Should they go for it?

We should be going balls out in every competition, I f**king hate when teams put out lesser sides in what they deem lesser competitions, we should go for it at all times. As should every other club.

Out of ten, how good do you think Ross Barkley is going to look in sky blue?


4 year deal mate, haha. To be honest, Barkley is not the full package yet, he’s going to be, there is no danger of that, but currently he is £20m worth of potential and rising, look at the players who have left our club and gone on to do… Well nothing really, Rodwell being the most obvious choice for your readers.

And finally, if you could have one City player no strings attached for your starting XI, who would it be? Even writing that has brought back the Gareth Barry sadness 🙁 ...


Honestly, Aguero. I have a little man crush on him.

Haha, don’t we all! Thanks a lot, Ian, and good luck this season

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  1. Spot on realism. When you take in account the unjustifiable amount of UEFA sponsorship that certain teams have enjoyed in the last 10-15 years due to the riches bestowed on them through the so-called ” Champions ” League, it is absolutely disgraceful that so few of them have actually won the Premier League. Some of them should hang their heads in shame. And to think that some people still think that their club is part of ” the big four “. Shocking.

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