Yaya Toure: To Sell Or Not To Sell?

To Sell Or Not To Sell?

So then, as we all know, Dmitry Selyuk has recently thrown his annual pity party for poor Yaya Toure to demand more money, or birthday cake, or whatever, much to everybody’s delight. Apparently, Yaya is feeling disrespected or some such and the whole club is to bend over to make him happy.

In the words of Justin Timberlake, cry me a river.

Since the takeover we have had to grow used to stories of club employees arsing around, but this time seems a bit different. Yaya has come out and said it would be an honour to play for PSG. The first shoots of outrage are growing among the fans.

The question is: Do we sell the Ivorian? Do we cash in?

The Argument for Selling Toure

Toure has embarrassed the club, big time. Angling for more money or a coaching role at the club through his agent on Sky News is exactly the type of Typical City move which the owners, and the fans, had hoped was in the past.

It is arrogant and small minded, the sort of thing we thought was below him. Apparently not.

I have argued previously that the club will have to look at replacing Toure sooner rather than later, however difficult it will be to find someone else to fill his role.

Why not replace him now?

Toure is 31 and his value will never increase from where it is. He has three years on his contract. The club are in a position of remarkable strength at the moment and if another club were to come in with as much or more money than he cost us then it might be a good idea to take it. Add in Toure’s wages and his sale will be more than enough to cover buying a capable replacement.

Having a want away player in the dressing room is unhealthy, especially one coming towards the end of his career. We have been down that road before and should do all we can to stay off it.


The Argument for Keeping Toure

Yaya is a sensational footballer. He is uniquely talented, regularly doing things on a football pitch which I have never seen before. He has the ability to turn on the big engines at will, making other professionals look like they’re in clown school. Discarding a footballer with Yaya’s gifts might very well be a massive, massive mistake.

Selling Yaya to make a statement that the club won’t be held to ransom by a player, whilst wringing every bit of financial value from him, could easily be spun as a strong move. But could the opposite not perhaps be an even stronger move?

Keep him. Make him play. Football, at heart, is not about money. Yaya is a player we won’t see the likes of again for a long time, if ever, and a large part of me wants to club to tell his agent to do one, wave his contract in his face and make him play for the City until he retires.

He’s just had what is certainly his best year for City and possibly his best season ever. Over twenty goals, many of them spectacular. Two more trophies. Proving beyond all doubt he’s a big game player. It would be great to get another season like that out of Yaya.

It is nice to no longer be in a position where we have to sell players when we don’t want to.


Whatever happens, this has potential to become a fairly embarrassing episode over the Summer and however it ends, let’s hope it ends soon.

It’s a tough one. What does everyone think?


Written by Alex Timperley who is on Twitter

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8 comments on “Yaya Toure: To Sell Or Not To Sell?
  1. Time to cash in. African cup of nations next season plus world cup fatigue means a repeat of this seasons consistent performance levels is unlikely. A swap for Pogba would be shrewd as this would of long term benefit, it could also allow Milner to play in centre midfield.
    Andy, Harborne Blue.

  2. He will be involved in African Nations Cup as well so be missing for a lot of Jan/Feb. I say take the money & cut loose players who don’t show respect to the club

  3. If he really wants to go swap him for Pogba who wants to play for us is 10 years younger, hungry for trophies and is a homegrown player

  4. Probably like most if not all fellow blues I am gutted by this development – a fans hero showing no loyalty. Putting feelings to one side will he give his best if he wants out? Will the blue powers that be tolerate another Tevez? His value will never be higher as you say and with the staggering wages and the need to replace in the near future I say sell, get rid of the prima dona, go have your birthday party somewhere else.

    • I agree with Andy M,
      Great player but acted like a prima dona and did not even give City fans a week to celebrate our great season. I know a lot of modern footballers are mercenary and have no allegiance. However not many act with such contempt to the fans that go every Saturday a cheer their names.

  5. As much as I hate to say it, if a player doesn’t want to play, then get rid. No player is bigger than the club. 45m

  6. If the price is right everyone is for sale.

    However, like us PSG are FFP capped, so the chances of them paying serious money are less than zero. Likewise, how are they going to find his €300K a week salary?

    For these reason’s YaYa’s going nowhere. He must to be careful when shooting his mouth off, he doesn’t lose his loyalty bonus (which is what happened to Tevez).

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