Manchester City: Best and Worst Games of 2013/14

In the third part of Typical City’s season review of 2013/14 we take a look back at our favourite games and also pick out our worst.

Best Game

Ciaran Murray @CityScrawlings

Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United – 22 September 2013

Part of me is obviously choosing this because it was a derby and it always has been, and always will be lovely to see City defeating United. Nothing makes me more nervous than derby day and it’s becoming fairly old hat to confess to despising the day in question. On the other hand, nothing makes your week like the feeling you get with victory over the old adversaries. In many ways, this derby was better than the 6-1. As much as I’ll be reminiscing about that day and that scoreline on my deathbed, it was a little bit of a freakish scoreline.

This one, in many ways, was actually more convincing. It was total, complete and utter annihilation and domination. From the word go, City were in charge. I still can’t get my head around Aguero’s finish for his first; I still don’t understand how we only ended up with four and I still (because it seems to count for a lot these days) have as my phone lock screen, the picture of Vincent Kompany on his knees beside the goal, incredulously celebrating City’s fourth in the 50th minute. We switched off after that and that, coupled with a great Rooney free kick, meant the final scoreline actually flattered United. What a great day. Never felt more like singing the Blues…

Alex Timperley @WeNeedYouAlex

Crystal Palace 0-2 Manchester City – 27 April 2014

This was the moment I (secretly, not out loud!) had the first flutters of belief that we might win the title. The whole day at Selhurst Park was brilliant. Chelsea’s win over Liverpool was on telly in the concourse before kick off which set the tone. The away section was excitable and madly happy for the whole game with the knowledge that a victory there would see us back in the running. We duly sang our hearts out for 90 minutes. The player’s celebration following Dzeko’s early goal showed us that they were as desperate for it as we were, an attitude that remained apparent throughout the run in. Yaya Toure’s goal in that game was something special as well. Like so many of his this year it was a pleasure to watch.

It may not have had the most goals or been against one of the best teams in the league, but the win that day was my favourite game of the season.

Bob Toole @RealBobToole

Manchester City 6-3 Arsenal – 14 December 2013

This was a game that had everything. Loads of goals, loads of great play, Jack Wilshere swearing at the crowd and getting booed for the rest of the game. It even had Fernandinho do that horrible Gareth Bale heart celebration thing. Ugh! There wasn’t a moment that was boring. When I left the ground that day I knew I had seen the game of the season. That’s not to say there weren’t other great days but this was my favourite. It was hugely important as well. To absolutely thump the team that were clear at the top of the table sent out a warning sign to the rest of the league. The only downside was Aguero getting injured.

Rob Pollard @RobPollard_

Hull City 0-2 Manchester City – 15 March 2014

This one which showed City’s title credentials. Down to ten men early after Kompany’s sending off, it didn’t look good. We were already playing catch up, and to lose this would probably have been curtains for us, but Silva and Demichelis, in particular, were outstanding, and those three points were absolutely vital.

Never have City played the offside trap as well as that, and the sight of Demichelis orchestrating it was fantastic. I think that match was the catalyst for his improved form.

Worst Game


Newcastle United 0-2 Manchester City – 12 January 2014

I’m going to do something really odd here and actually vote a City victory as my worst game of the season. What a horrible, horrible match. City went ahead on 8 minutes through Edin Dzeko after yet another really worked move. All fine then. However, City switched off as they often did this season away from home and Newcastle capitalised. That ‘goal’ from Tiote was an absolute bullet and I’d be crushed if City scored that and had it wiped, with apparently no valid reason. When the goal was ruled out – and right or wrong – it was ruled out, the crowd turned on the ref and turned on City.

The official lost control of the match and it was just awful to watch. City didn’t get one single decision after that; the referee bottling it every time he was faced with something. Yanga-Mbiwa even escaped purposefully mowing down Samir Nasri (who’d been in the form of his life up until then) with not one, but two malicious challenges on him. It stopped being a football match and turned into a really feisty, scrappy, violent affair. Was so glad when Negredo put away City’s second. I spend all week, every week lookind forward to watching City play, and here I was wishing the whistle would sound to end a miserable, yet victorious, trip to the North East.


Norwich 0-0 Manchester City – 8 February 2014

This was just a deeply discouraging game. Norwich this year were truly, truly awful. We had previously put seven past them at home but couldn’t muster a single goal in the reverse fixture. Indeed, Norwich could well have won through Ricky van Wolfswinkel of all people, a striker who has barely looked like a professional footballer this season. I think I lost something that day. Hope, perhaps? The ability to love? It got me really down 🙁

Looking back on it, this game was one of those sliding doors moments where we could easily have chucked the season away. It came just after the loss to Chelsea and the papers were having a field day with Pellegrini, questioning his suitability for the job and everything else they like to do. What a time to be alive.


Aston Villa 3-2 Manchester City – 28 September 2013

I was going to go for the Wigan defeat but we deserved to lose that so I didn’t feel that hard done by that day. Villa on the other hand was farcical. We outplayed Villa for much of the game and somehow managed to lose. I’m still not quite sure how we managed it, to be honest. Some defeats are hard to stomach just because the result doesn’t correlate with anything you have watched for 90 minutes and this was one of those. Horrible.


Liverpool 3-2 Manchester City – 13 April 2014

This is the worst because David Silva ended up on the losing side. What an absolute travesty. He was incredible that day and didn’t deserve to leave a loser. Although, it actually worked out really well. Gave those idiots enough false hope to start buying celebratory fireworks and talking of the title being their “destiny”, only to snatch it away from them mercilessly at the end. Beautiful.

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