Manchester City: Best Goal and Assist 2013/14

In celebration of what has been arguably Manchester City’s finest ever season we at Typical City decided to look back at the season and pick out our favourite moments. To start with we chose our favourite goals and assists.

Alex Timperley @WeNeedYouAlex

Best Goal

This was a tough one because of the sheer volume of goals, the high quality of loads of them, and how many were so important to our season. After much deliberation the goal of the season for me was Yaya’s strike in the League Cup Final because it had absolutely everything. It came from nowhere and was literally jaw dropping. It brought us back into the game when we looked like sinking and I honestly think losing that game would have ruined our season.

Honourable mentions to Milner vs Bayern Munich, Silva vs Hull and Negredo vs Spurs where he spun around Michael Dawson in a way I’ve never, ever seen before.

Best Assist

Negredo’s cross with the outside of his boot away at Craven Cottage which landed perfectly in Milner’s path. As with my Best Goal nomination above, it falls into the category of “how does a human do that?” The angles, the trajectory, the placement at such high speed exactly where he wanted it. Stunning. I hope that version of Negredo comes back sharpish over the Summer.

GIF via 101 Great Goals

Bob Toole @RealBobToole

Best Goal

Given the number of goals we have scored I would probably have a different favourite for every day of the week. I’m going for Aguero’s first against United in the 4-1. It was simply stunning. The pace on the cross was immense so quite how he managed to position his foot so it rocketed into the corner is beyond me. De Gea was frozen to the spot and it looked as if Aguero was the only person in the ground who knew where the ball was going.

A special shout out to Demichelis’ goal against Fulham where he celebrated before it cross the line. Or was he calling himself offside? Who cares? It was hilarious.

Best Assist

It’s obviously Negredo’s against Fulham without a shadow of a doubt. However, in the interest of not repeating ourselves Silva’s against Hull away was a thing of beauty. He gave them “the eyes” and gave Dzeko acres of space where even he couldn’t miss.

Rob Pollard @RobPollard_

Best Goal

This is really difficult. So many to choose from, and so many of a high quality, but that Yaya Toure one against Villa, where he left a trail of defenders strewn across the pitch, takes some beating. If anyone wants to know what makes Yaya so good, that goal says it all.

The Negredo one against Spurs, where he made Dawson look like a child, was another very special one, and Silva’s curler into the top corner at Hull was both brilliant technically and of vital importance.

Yaya villa x2

Best Assist

Negredo’s at Fulham. Outside-of-the-boot from the touchline right into Milner’s path who didn’t have to break stride. Proper sexy, that was.

Ciaran Murray @CityScrawlings

Best Goal

As much as I’m a stickler for a break-the-net bullet from 30 yards, this season has seen me scraping my jaw off the floor more often for another variety of show-stopper: the team goal. For my favourite, I’m going to go for the 4th from the 7 (Seven) that City popped past Norwich at home. Fernandinho played it into Silva in the box and a Zabaleta run confused the Norwich defenders whilst Yaya stole the ball off Silva’s feet. Further bewilderment ensued for the Canaries as Yaya made like he was going to shoot. Instead, he placed a deft chip into the path of an onrushing Aguero whose first touch controlled and second side-footed to Negredo who tapped it in. So many key players involved with an incredible telepathy. Delicious football. If it was sauce, I’d have it with everything.

Best Assist

This category could be renamed ‘Second Best Assist’ as, simply put, the best assist this season was Negredo’s for Milner at Craven Cottage. I’m going to talk about an assist that again involves Negredo, but with him being provided. It’s the total opposite to the goal I’ve described above as it was just one aerial pass then WHAM! back of the net. The lofted ball has been played beautifully this year and Yaya’s assist (for Negredo’s first against West Ham in the League Cup semi final) was just exquisite. Vision, precision and just the sheer audacity of it – for both the assist and for the finish. Yaya gets my nod for (second) best assist this season.

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  1. Toure’s 92nd minute goal against Aston Villa was sublime. The 30 year old ran 60 metres, leaving 4 or 5 Villa players in his wake, to score.

    Remarkable skill and will power, from the world’s greatest midfielder.

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