PLAYER RATINGS: Arsenal 1 vs 1 Manchester City

Now that the dust has settled and Liverpool have been anointed Premier League Champion’s for the 2013/14 season, to everyone’s delight apparently, it’s time for some individual Player Ratings from Saturday’s game…

Joe Hart – 7

Hart had another good game, making a few top class saves to ensure City left North London with a point. One in particular from Lukas Podolski was outstanding. His new found solidity with crosses and high balls was on display again. He will have been disappointed to see his run of clean sheets ending, but he is looking like the ‘keeper the team need if they are to regain the title this season.

Pablo Zabaleta – 7

Pablo was his usual reliable self. Had a lot of opportunities to get forward in the first half due to Podolski apparently not having a defensive bone in his body. Also played with distinction in the second half where he was predictably a main feature of City’s backs-to-the-wall defensive task. Possibly lucky not to give away a penalty in the first half.

Vincent Kompany – 7

Much like Joe Hart, it is not difficult to imagine Kompany taking the loss of a run of clean sheets very personally. He generally had a good afternoon keeping the defence well organised and doing that Yaya Toure impression he likes to do where he bombs forward. Must stop accumulating cards at some point soon as we cannot afford for him to get anymore suspensions in the title run in.

Martin Demichelis – 7

Many in the national and local press are starting to pick up on the fact that Demichelis is not the abject horrorshow of a footballer they have previously painted him as, a point of view reinforced by his showing against Arsenal. He made several key blocks and tackles in areas of acute danger which helped keep the score down and generally had a good game. Possibly could have done better for Flamini’s goal Heading ability remains impressive.

Gael Clichy – 7

Had a very similar game to Zabaleta on the opposite flank. A second good game in a row for the Frenchman who will now be confident of keeping his place for the majority of the rest of the season ahead of Aleksandr Kolarov.

Fernandinho – 8

Yet another game in which the Brazilian did himself great credit. Fernandinho gives the impression that he could hassle and harry the opposition all day and not get bored. Also gives the impression that he is some sort of robot who never gets tired or feels pain. Had a few shots which blazed over the bar to varying degrees demonstrating his goal threat as well.

Yaya Toure – 5

Rarely can you describe Toure as ‘underwhelming’ but he as exactly that on Saturday. Looked off the pace and was slowly but surely bypassed by an Arsenal midfield in the second half. This is not a game he will want to remember often. Probably should have scored at some point during a goal mouth scramble.

Samir Nasri – 6

Much like Toure, this was an unusual day where Nasri did not perform a well as he has done for the rest of the season. Did nothing wrong as such but failed to influence the game to the same extent as usual. He could be seen grinning at the inevitable boos which greeted him from the more disagreeable Arsenal fans which was quite amusing.

David Silva – 9 – Man of the Match

Silva is City’s key player and we once again saw why as he terrorised Arsenal and scored a rare goal. He faded a bit along with the rest of the team in the second half, but his first half performance was a thing of beauty. He buzzes around like a killer bee on attack and also does a good line in defensive work as well. Kept up his habit of tackling opposition players a lot harder than one would expect for a man of his size and stature, a trait which often goes under the radar. He is hitting the kind of form where I believe that if it continues for the rest of the year then no one will be able to stop City winning the league. Silva is looking that good.

Jesus Navas – 8

The small Iberian is another player who’s influence has been growing in recent weeks. Showed again why he is more than just an impact substitute as he combined very well with Zabaleta (a theme recently) to make Keiran Gibbs’ afternoon rather unpleasant. Watching him accelerate over short distances is very nearly awe inspiring. Should have a say in the title run in.

Edin Dzeko – 4

For goodness’ sake, Edin. Same old, same old. After one good performance comes one tragic one. Does he have a twin brother? I wish Good Edin would come out to play more often.


Javi Garcia – 6

Garcia has the art of strategic fouling down to a tee. Once again picked up a yellow card for a smart foul which killed a dangerous looking Arsenal attack. As per usual, did the job he was asked to and helped secure the point in the only way he knows how.

James Milner – 6

As with Garcia above, Milner came on with a job to do and made a decent fist of it. City were definitely in damage limitation mode by then so he couldn’t get forward as much as he might normally like.

Alvaro Negredo – N/A

On for about five minutes. Didn’t do much. Please come back, Early Season Negredo.

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2 comments on “PLAYER RATINGS: Arsenal 1 vs 1 Manchester City
  1. If we’re going to see anything from the Beast, Pelle is going to have to give him more than 5-7 minutes on the pitch. Frankly, the way the second half (and Dzeko) went I was expecting him to sub in at least by 60 minutes. I have a feeling that once he breaks his goal drought, the floodgates will open. Think there’s any chance of seeing the Aguero/Negredo partnership again this season?

    • The Dzeko-Negredo partnership is an interesting one. There’s no reason why it couldn’t somehow work, but I think its fair to say that we have enough evidence to declare it a last resort. Hopefully we won’t need to see it again this year with Aguero and Jovetic both regaining fitness

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