Stevan Jovetic’s Biggest Opportunity Yet Presents Itself

Stevan Jovetic’s time at Manchester City so far has been riddled with injuries, illnesses and further injury. He has managed to create a cult figure out of himself in the most bizarre fashion having not even played more than seven times this season. The infamous #WheresJovetic hashtag on Twitter pretty much sums up his time at City so far. Such were the extraordinary nature of his injuries, that various and quite spectacular rumours began to surface. “Jovetic is homesick” one said. “He doesn’t actually exist” said another.

Whatever the reason(s), Jovetic is finally back. The Montenegrin managed to complete 20 minutes against West Ham and a further 30 (!) minutes against Watford. Having proven himself capable of playing actual football without disastrous consequences, Jovetic should now expect to play a bigger role when Manchester City visit Spurs later today. Now I’m not even taking the p*ss when I say this, but the fact that he has trained for two weeks now without suffering an injury or an illness is remarkable in itself. There was one point back in December where as soon he’d recovered from a lengthy thigh injury he managed to fall ill before the game, suffer a reaction to that illness and then pull his hamstring in series of extraordinary #TypicalCity moments.

Factors like these are denying Blues precious Jovetic minutes. City fans have had the pleasure of watching our new signings blossom under Pellegrini yet there has been no starring role for our Montenegrin wizard. Now with Negredo potentially not taking part in the Spurs match tonight, a massive opportunity for Jovetic to kick on presents itself.

An incredible influx of fixtures awaits Manchester City over the coming months. With Pellegrini battling on all four fronts, there are places to be won and lost for many members of the team. Pellegrini recently spoke of Jovetic playing an important role during the rest of the season, stating that Stevan could fill in for Aguero and Nasri’s positions having played in a variety of roles for Fiorentina. With Nasri still weeks away from full fitness and Aguero likely to be protected during FA Cup games and ‘easier’ Premier League fixtures; Jovetic finally has his best chance to show the City faithful what he is capable of.

Studying Pellegrini’s teams in Europe will allow you to realise that he is a ‘Pellegrini player’. I covered Jovetic’s style in more depth back in the summer when he signed yet nothing else has changed since considering his absences. Stevan knows he was signed in the hope of establishing himself as Kun’s strike partner before the end of the season. After all. Jovetic and Aguero’s style of play are very similar with both preferring to wander around the box, drop deep and then attack space in devastating fashion. Despite the successes of ‘Neguero’, you wouldn’t be surprised to see Pellegrini tear it down some point later on for the more dynamic duo of Aguero – Jovetic.

Jovetic’s time at Manchester City has ‘spectacular flop’ written all over it. The success of the other signings and the abundance of great strikers don’t bode well for him, let alone his injuries that are hampering him. Yet Jovetic is not one to bend over and give in; he has a history of fighting back in the face of adversity from his time at Fiorentina. Stevan’s biggest opportunity presents itself over the next few weeks and knowing the young Montenegrin, he will seize the moment with both hands.

Written by Anis Bazza

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