Top 5 David Silva Moments

1. That pass to Dzeko in the Derby rout – 23/10/11

There could only be one moment to top the lot.

One of the most prominent highlights of the thumping of United at the swamp was David Silva’s volleyed pass for the 6th – undoubtedly the moment of his Manchester City career. His first touch to set up the pass was simply exquisite, a perfect delicate caressing of the ball to allow him to effortlessly volley it through Smalling and Ferdinand. This was improvisation of the highest order. The sheer arrogance and confidence to even attempt such an outrageous pass is truly indicative of what kind of player David is.

That pass will perhaps be recognized as one of the most iconic moments in City’s recent history when people look back; the precise moment when Manchester City ruthlessly re-announced themselves as a force in England.


2. Silva’s assist against Wigan for Aguero – 10/9/11

Although that match will remembered for Aguero’s first hat-trick for City, David Silva once again stole the highlights reel.

In the 69th minute, David picked the ball up from the half way line and reeled through a Wigan defence leaving bodies rolling all over the floor behind him. It was a thing of pure beauty; the draw-back to beat the first man while holding off another was extraordinary to watch. The mercurial genius wasn’t done there as he rode yet another tackle to place the ball on silver platter for Kun to grab his hat-trick.

It was in that two second interval where Aguero hesitated in front of Al-Habsi where  I prayed he would not miss. Not because it would finish Wigan off, but for the sole reason of it being a travesty to see a sequence of play like that go unconverted.


3. David’s goal against QPR  – 5/11/11

My favourite David Silva goal of all time. Easily. If there ever was a moment that defined the differences in class between Silva at the rest of the Premier League it was that. Zinedine Zidane once said the best players are the players who knew what they were going to do with the ball before they even got it and David falls directly into that category. His trademark shoulder drop to fake the shot left his first man for dead before he even got the ball was sensational, as was his finish against a out-of-position Kenny. David was miles ahead of everyone in that single moment; a master class of control, precision and efficiency to beat two men so easily.

Click here for match highlights


4. Silva’s performance against Bayern Munich – 10/12/13

City were staring down a barrel loaded with embarrassment when they found themselves 2-0 down at the backyard of the greatest team in the world. Being the big game player he is, City’s little wizard stepped up to the plate with James Milner to do the near-impossible. David scored the first with a neat close-range finish to kick-start the comeback before dropping deeper to dictate play.

His domination of proceedings against a world-class midfield trio of Kroos, Gotze and Thiago was only made more remarkable by the fact that he was half-fit having been out for a month. His combinations with Milner were a joy to watch as David’s through ball to Navas for Milner’s winner topped off his superb performance. Silva’s heroics that day inspired Manchester City to hit Arsenal for six later on that week and begin a serious assault on all four trophies.


5. Silva’s first league goal against Blackpool – 17/10/10

David initially struggled to adapt to life at Manchester City having found his environment and the English game much too different from what he used to back in Spain. However, Silva managed to slowly pick up form as reports he was homesick were dismissed. Among the many flashes of brilliance that Silva exhibited in his debut season at City was his goal against Blackpool, arguably his finest yet in a City shirt.

David picked the ball up on the far side of the box from a quick-free kick and twisted two defenders inside out before unorthodoxly curling the ball past Gilks. Coupled with a few assists Silva, David capped off an excellent away performance; much to the pleasure of City fans.

Click here for match highlights.


Written by Anis Bazza

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  2. Wonderful. I can imagine Rob smiling with delight when this piece came in.
    On reviewing that legendary pass again, it was noticeable how Dzeko’s movement helped Silva, but it was the precise execution and placement that’s helped it go down in folklore.

    It hasn’t been all plain sailing….remember the miss in the Stoke FA Cup Final?
    A minor matter, any team in Europe would want David Silva in their side.

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