Five footballers with a chequered history of car ownership

It’s well-known that there are quite a few footballers who have more money than sense. Anyone who receives a bare minimum of £40,000 a week will probably wonder what to do will all their spare cash, but as you might sometimes see in the back pages, some players just go on the badge and, with what’s left in their account, make a few changes.

In most cases, the cars many players actually buy are rather tasteful or great as they are, but some choose to go the extra mile and personalise them, only to ruin what was an otherwise great car. Here are five well-known players who have done just that:

Stephen Ireland

Formerly of Manchester City and Aston Villa, the Stoke City loanee hasn’t played as much as he had hoped. In his spare time and with massive paycheques burning a hole in his pocket, he’s splashed out on a hideous Bentley GTC with a red trim and an Audi with a blue one, both looking like cheap trainers!

Jermaine Pennant

The one-time England international (yes, really) hasn’t lived up to early expectations on the field. However, his car history is a little more interesting. Having lost a £150,000 Ferrari a few years ago, it’s unlikely that his chrome wrap-coated Aston Martin will get stolen anytime soon!

Mario Balotelli

Known for doing things a little differently, his attitude to cars is no exception. Covering his Bentley Continental GT in camouflage might seem like an attempt to hide himself from the glare of publicity, but the AC Milan star’s set of wheels, much like Mario himself, can be spotted a mile off!

William Gallas

Now that his career appears to be over, the former France, Chelsea and Arsenal defender has a lot of positives to look back on. Despite his success on the field, what he managed to do to his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren isn’t something to be proud of, coating it in a garish chrome wrap two years before Pennant followed suit.

Djibril Cisse

Cisse is, in many ways, the proto-Balotelli. Talented, injury-prone and a little crazy, you know that anything he drives is going to look different. His Chrysler 300C not only has a modified grill which looks like some kind of spider’s web, but also has an image of a loved one painted on the hood!

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