Jamie Pollock: What’s He Up To Now?

When I was young, Jamie Pollock taught me that life isn’t fair. He taught me that bad things happen to good people.

Looking back, that own goal is indeed quite funny, but at the time it was a true heartbreaker. The absurdity of it summed up a lot of what City represented back in the club’s mid-Nineties heyday.

After a career including spells at Middlesbrough, Osasuna, Bolton, Crystal Palace and Birmingham alongside Manchester City, Pollock will go to his grave as the man who scored that own goal. That seems a shame, especially as he has been doing other interesting things since retirement.

Following a few years coaching at the Middlesbrough academy, Pollock now runs the Polton Allstars Football Academy which aims to help young players (ages 7 – 15) prepare for, and get into, professional football. The Academy also works to help young players who have been let go by football clubs to rediscover their confidence and love for football. The latter point is valuable work.

In March of this year, Pollock successfully secured planning permission to build a new £750,000 football centre in an area which is badly deprived of sporting facilities. It looks an impressive site which will be of great value to the local community.

In addition to his work in the world of local football, Pollock is also something of a kingpin in the windows and glazing industry running Polton Glass and Energy Efficient Windows. They employ around 100 local people and take deliveries of 20 tonnes of glass a day which is turned into 750 windows a week.

It’s fair to say that Pollock has made a success of his life after football through an awful lot of hard work and a desire to put something back into the game of football.

Not that I’ll ever forget that own goal of course.

Written by Alex Timperley

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  1. That goal happen right in front of me in block BB of the Kippax. It was my first relegation as a Blue and I remember being numb on the drive back home. How times change! Great to see Jamie putting something back into his community (looks like there’s some successful pie shops in Polton as well!).

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