PREVIEW IN QUOTES: City vs Manchester United

Ahead of tomorrow afternoon’s eagerly anticipated Manchester derby here is a round up of all the pre-match talk from both teams. For City, Manuel Pellegrini, Joe Hart and Vincent Kompany preview the match. For United, David Moyes and Wayne Rooney share their thoughts. See what they have to say below:

Manuel Pellegrini 

Of the players who have been injured, Micah Richards is working normally with the whole squad. David Silva the same. Gael Clichy started working today, and he may not be ready for Sunday. Apart from that, all the other players except Martin Demichelisare fine. Kompany has worked normally all week, played 90 minutes in the Champions League and he has no problems. Vincent is a very important player. He gives the team confidence.

Every game against Manchester United is important. I do not need to be here to know how important the derby is against Manchester United. Living here and working every day here you know it is a special game. It’s a match of six points. It is very important to win it. Man United are a team always looking to win the title and Champions League. Playing at home against Manchester United, it is more important to win than not to lose. Of course, if you can’t win, then it’s better not to lose. We will try to win.

It’s impossible not to be under a lot of pressure replacing Sir Alex Ferguson. Managing a big team like Manchester United, you are always under pressure. That’s not a bad thing. It is maybe a good thing, because you know what you have to do. United have a lot of good players. Wayne Rooney is one of them, but not only him. They also have Robin van Persie, Antonio Valencia, so they have many good players.

I know he (Moyes) has had good results against Manchester City when he managed Everton. But I also had a good record against Everton when I was manager of Villarreal.

Joe Hart 

The derby is one of the most anticipated and exciting games in world football. As players, we are all looking forward to Sunday, and we know that the fans will be too. The home support is so important for us, and I know they will be like an extra man for the team on the day. As always, we need our fans in full voice, but we also need them to respect the occasion.

There were incidents last year which no-one wants to see repeated. The eyes of the world will be on this game as usual, and I’m confident our supporters will do the Club proud. Our fans are the best in the world and we want you to show your passion for the Club, but in the right way.

Vincent Kompany 

It’s brilliant he’s (Rooney) doing so well again. You want to play against top players at their best. That’s personally how I feel about it. I always want to play against players when they are at their best. I’m really happy for Wayne that he’s on top form. This is the great thing about the Premier League, you play against top strikers all the time. But there are many players to watch out for in both teams.

It’s a different team, it’s a different season and I would say there has never been anything too predictable in the derby. Nobody predicted we would win 6-1 at Old Trafford, that they would beat us at the Etihad and that we would win at Old Trafford.

The derby is always a game you look forward to. And I don’t think it’s just the people in Manchester, but all over the world who look forward to enjoying it. It’s a game that attracts a lot of attention. I never take it for granted and I feel blessed that I am able to participate in those games. You do your best to make sure you play well in these games.


David Moyes

It did rankle because we scored what we thought was a legitimate goal to take it into extra-time and it didn’t count. Villarreal did have a really good team. They got to the semi-final of the Champions League that year so for us to run them really close gave me an idea of what a good side we were as well.

You remind quite often how difficult it is for me to get results at some other places so I wouldn’t be the one shouting about it. We’ve had the hardest start of all the top clubs in the Premier League so we had to make sure after these games we had a decent points total. After the City game we’ll have played two or three of our biggest rivals and they’ll probably have each other to play at different times.

Marouane played well the other night. I thought the supporters felt there was something there we could work with and that he could help the team. We have a side which is full of creative players. We make lots of chances and scored many goals last season as well. What we have to do is make sure we give ourselves a chance by not conceding many.

There is an excitement for any derbies in any big city in the world. I’ve experienced derby games in Glasgow and on Merseyside. They are all really important to your own supporters. They are important to the players as well but ultimately it’s about what happens come the end of the season and how many points you get together to see who is top. These points could be really important towards that, but also they may not be.

Wayne Rooney

They’re all big games. Obviously United and Liverpool has been a massive game over the years. City have had their success recently, but I would probably say that United and Liverpool is still the biggest game.

The English players are more aware of what it means after the last four or five years. It’s a big game and we’ll be going there hopefully to win. I’ve scored a few goals against City and I’m looking forward to the match. It’s a massive game between two title contenders. It’s not going to define the season, but it’s a big game, a local derby.

Compiled by Robert Toole

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