NEWS: Silva Backs Mancini

David Silva has given his backing to Roberto Mancini after seemingly endless speculation about the City Manager’s future at City. The Spaniard also spoke of his confidence that City can continue to win trophies long into the future. He said:

I don’t know why Mancini doesn’t get credit, but the players certainly appreciate him. We are with him and together we are a team. The players give him all the credit for being part of the success we have achieved. That success has been done together.

All managers are different. Some criticise players more publicly, while others do it inside the club. For me, it is each to their own. If you are concentrating on football and doing your best, then things should not affect you. As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t affect me. If you know that you are doing your best you can every game, then it shouldn’t bother you. You just do the best you can. We are building a team and a club and we will win many, many more titles.

We’re not worried about people commenting on us. Every year the spirit is better. In fact, every day is better and, hopefully, it will get even better because that will help us win more titles. Three years ago we weren’t even qualifying for the Champions League and, let’s be honest, when we have qualified we have had two very difficult groups. It is clearly something we have to improve, but we will get there.

Robert Toole

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