PREVIEW IN QUOTES: City vs Chelsea (Part 1)

Ahead of tomorrow’s FA Cup Semi-Final against Chelsea, here is a round up of all the pre-match talk from City. Roberto Mancini, Pablo Zabaleta, Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure preview the game.

Roberto Mancini

We will decide on Sunday morning on David (Silva). We don’t know if it’s possible for him to play or whether it might be a risk if he does. He has a chance, but I don’t think he can recover fully. He may be able to play some part, but we will make a final decision as late as possible.

They will probably have three or four of the team that started the Europa League game but they rested the five or six players so they won’t be tired. Chelsea will be difficult and they are playing well at the moment so we know we will have to play our best to win this game. We are looking forward to the challenge and to playing at Wembley. This is a very important competition for us and we want to win it.

Pablo Zabaleta

If we can win the FA Cup it would be even better, but on a personal note I have enjoyed this season and being a regular in the team has been fantastic. Every time you see your name on the team-sheet you feel proud and an important member of the squad.

We have three Argentinian players in our team and it is very special for Carlos and Kun to be able to play together in the same club team. We’ve known each other for many years and because they are both strikers, they can change the game at any time. They have great quality and can score out of nothing, as Kun proved against United and they fight and give 100% every time they play for City.

The Premier League is the one everyone really wants to win but the FA Cup would be a great end to the season. I don’t think my father will be able to attend the semi-final unfortunately. He is getting better and progressing all the time which is fantastic. I saw him recently when I went back to Argentina for the international games but for him to fly 18 hours would be difficult and he would need some people to travel with him and look after him so he is unlikely to make this game. He will watch the game on TV and he watches every City match – if we reach the final, who knows? I will try and help us win this game for him and our supporters.

Sergio Aguero

We’ve had three close games against Chelsea already this season and we expect the same again on Sunday. We’ll go out looking to win like we did earlier this season when we faced them in the Community Shield and at home in the Premier League – it goes without saying we hope the result is the same this time around.

I think that Chelsea’s current manager is trying to use a patient approach to open teams up rather than utilise the counter-attack. It’s probably going to be a very open game and the team who keeps their head at the crucial moments will win.

Wembley is major stadium to play football in and a great stage for players to show what they are capable of. Even though this is a semi-final, which already ensures it will be a thrilling game; it feels more like a final because of what is at stake. But there’s no time for regrets. We still have a lot to play for and our number one goal is to win everything we still can. This is a team that never gives up.

Going forward, I think the main thing we have learned is not to doubt our ability as team even when things are not going our way. We’ll always have to trust our strengths and our game. We will make mistakes and have our ups and downs, but if we believe in ourselves, the sky’s the limit.

Yaya Toure

All we can do is do everything in our power to win the game both individually and as a team. We have a really tough challenge because Chelsea are a very good team and they have some fantastic players and to beat them we will have to be at our very best. We were faced with a similar challenge against Manchester United in 2011 and it was because we fought so hard and played really well that we beat them – the same is required on Sunday and we can’t leave the pitch with any regrets. I’m very focused on what we have to do and the whole team is and if we win, we will have done so because we deserve it.

Wembley is a very special place for me and I have some great memories from our last FA Cup run, particularly the semi-final and final for obvious reasons so I hope I can experience more great moments this season.

Wherever I am asked to play I will give my all and focus on the job I have to do for the team. The manager will tell me where he wants to play and if David isn’t fit, it’s true that it could affect my role on the day. If he doesn’t play, it will make it harder for us because in games like this, you need your best players but we have many fantastic footballers at this club and as long as we give our best game, we will have a good chance of making the final.

Compiled by Rob Toole

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