NEWS: Zabaleta’s Papal Blessing

After the election of Pope Francis I on Wednesday, Pablo Zabaleta has given his reaction to the election of the first Argentian Pope. He has also expressed his surprise that he is a supporter of San Lorenzo, the team which Zaba started his footballing career in Buenos Aires. He said:

It was a big surprise. It’s massive for Argentina – everyone has been talking about it at home and people have been texting me about it, too. In Argentina, 95% of the population are Catholic and that’s why it’s great for the country.

I also saw some pictures of the Pope with a San Lorenzo shirt, which is the team I used to play for in Argentina, so that is good! I never met him in San Lorenzo before – maybe he was at some games, I don’t know. But this is great for San Lorenzo fans, to see a picture of him with a shirt is great for them! To have a football-loving Pope is fantastic. Maybe I will need to go to The Vatican to find him!

Pope Francis with San Lorenzo pennant

Pope Francis with San Lorenzo pennant

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