PREVIEW IN QUOTES: City vs Barnsley

Ahead of tomorrow’s FA Cup Quarter-Final FA Cup tie against Barnsley here is a round up of all the talk before the match. Roberto Mancini, David Silva and Gael Clichy have their say. Barnsley manager, David Flitcroft, brother of former City player, Garry, also previews the match.

Roberto Mancini

It is better if it is Premier League or Champions League or Europa League but the FA Cup is important.These games are difficult because they don’t have anything to lose and everyone can think it will be easy.

I have watched Barnsley and it is clear they are not Real Madrid, but these games are strange.I don’t think many people thought Arsenal could go out in a game against Bradford.

David Silva

This is another chance to get to Wembley and it is very important that we win this game. The league is very, very difficult now. But we can reach the Cup Final, so we have to focus on this game. We are now only one game away from going back to Wembley again and on paper we should win beat Barnsley, but they are in the quarter-final because they deserve to be, so we will have to be very cautious and try to win the game.

The Copa del Rey is similar to the FA Cup but not as interesting. In Spain it is much more difficult for the smaller teams to rise to the top, but we have seen that in England smaller teams can get to the finals, such as Bradford City in the Capital One Cup. The nearest I came to playing in a giant-killing game was when I was at Valencia. We were a big team, but we won the cup and beat Barcelona, who were the biggest team – it’s not quite the same but it still was something of a shock at the time.

Gael Clichy

I think we’ve learned this year that we can’t go into any game thinking it is going to be easy and that we will progress without a problem. We lost to Aston Villa at home when everyone expected us to win so that is an example of what can happen. We also lost at Southampton not that long ago and Barnsley are maybe on a different level compared with those teams, but that’s the passion we have in England and any game could be difficult even if you are two or three goals ahead with 20 minutes left – anything can happen.

We just want to win this game – we know we are fighting for the title but the FA Cup is the first trophy available and we have enough quality and character to make sure we are focused and professional for this match.

The desire was there for sure because we kept fighting against United and came back from 3-0 down with ten men to 3-2 and if there had been another ten or fifteen minutes, I think we’d have forced a replay. It’s true our complete focus was on winning the Premier League and maybe that took precedence, but even though we are still aiming to win the title, 12 points is a big gap and the FA Cup is a trophy that is still within our own destiny.

We need to go for it against Barnsley and try to get back to Wembley then take it from there because a semi-final there would be amazing for the team and our supporters.

David Flitcroft

You can get starstruck by names and we can’t allow that to happen. We have quality in our group and we have demonstrated real fight. In any fight if you turn up and are prepared to work harder than the next man, then you have a chance. I hope the players don’t freeze, and try to play the occasion and not the football match, because this will be a tactical battle.

It gives me the opportunity to pit my wits against the very best and in any walk of life that is what you aspire to do.This tie has caught the imagination and that is what I want. It gives me the opportunity to pit my wits against the very best and in any walk of life that is what you aspire to do. They’re champions for a reason, it is a massive task and we are just going to go and give it our best shot. I will promise the fans that.

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