NEWS: Mills Suggests Mancini is for the Sack

One of the worst (and certainly the most overpaid and useless) players I’ve ever seen at City was Danny Mills. He was rotten. Kevin Keegan, in one of the many moments of madness during his career, recommended to the board that we offer him a 5-year, £30k-a-week contract. He was awful, lost his place after his first season, and spent most of his last two years on the treatment table.

With around six months left on his contract and City fans impatiently counting down the days until he was finally off our payroll, he commentated on one of our European away games (against Aalborg, I think) for Channel 5. During his commentary, which was as average as his footballing ability, he suddenly announced to the world that he was ‘hoping’ to earn himself a new contract, and that he would do everything he could to secure one. I hadn’t seen the man kick a ball for about 18 months.

Hardly a great legacy and yet he still thinks he is an expert on all things City, this week wading in with comments about Mancini’s future. He told the BBC that he believes Mancini could be sacked if City lose to Leeds in tomorrow’s fifth round FA Cup tie.

He said:

Mancini is under pressure. It looks like they have blown their chances of retaining the title. You wonder what would happen if they went out of the FA Cup against Leeds. I think Roberto Mancini goes.

Manchester United’s 12-point lead is too much. I think Mancini will go in the summer anyway if they don’t win the league. But, if they go out of the FA Cup at this stage, I could see the owners making a decision sooner than that.

There’s a rumbling undercurrent of discontent at City. From the outside it all looks pretty and serene, but underneath there’s a bubbling inferno ready to explode.

They have brought in Txiki Begiristain and the owners seem intent on creating this Barcelona model. They want success and that means Mancini is under a fair bit of pressure, especially after they failed miserably in the Champions League.

Quite how a player who was happily kicked out of the doors of the Etihad in 2009 knows there is a ‘rumbling undercurrent of discontent at City’ I’ll never know.

Mancini brilliantly hit back during his press conference. When he was told an ex-player had said he could face the sack, he retorted:

Aaaah, probably a player who won a lot of trophies in history. All the people who talk about this don’t understand football. In three years we are always on the top – we have won three trophies, we have the chance to win more this year. If Manchester City should sack me, the other 19 teams in the Premier League should be without a manager.

Danny Mills was a leech; a drain on our football club for years. He contributed nothing yet we made him a very rich man. I have absolutely no time for him as a player or a pundit.

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