NEWS: Kidd says “We have to fight like hell”

City’s Assistant Manager, Brian Kidd, is adamant that City will not give up despite falling 12 points behind United in the League last weekend. Speaking at the opening of the Metro line that now stops outside the Etihad Stadium, Kidd said:

There is a mood of determination. It’s a 12-point gap but we have to go to Old Trafford and there’s a chance of picking up three points there. With 12 games to go it will be tough, we are not kidding ourselves, but there is no way we are conceding the title now. People seem to think we have given up and that the priority is the Cup. Far from it.

What has happened this season hasn’t surprised me, from my experience of football of winning things and losing things – this season was always going to be a different challenge. But we are the champions and it’s about how we finish from now until the end of the season. We have to fight like hell and work like hell for the last 12 games. Great champions don’t lose their titles sitting on a stool.

Our fans at Southampton were fantastic, wonderful and the lads felt that. It did come across to the team, no doubt about that. If you have a problem in your family, you stick together and everything gets said within those four walls. When you go outside, you protect your family and it’s the same in football. You stick together.

There are a lot of Chinese whispers and a lot of mischievous people talking about stuff that is not there. The manager has been great. We have a smashing group of players who are well capable of going on a great run, of going undefeated. That’s how good I think this squad is.

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