NEWS: Yaya Ready for Title Push

In spite of City slipping further behind United in the title race after drawing with Liverpool on Sunday, City were given a boost by the news that Yaya Toure will be returning for club duty earlier than expected. Yaya along with Kolo and Abdul Razak, playing for the favourites, Ivory Coast, were eliminated from the African Cup of Nations after defeat to Nigeria in the quarter finals. It is timely boost for City and Yaya is ready for the challenge that lies ahead. He said:

We are further behind than we’d like, of course, but all we need to do is think about last season to know what is possible. My friends are all here and are happy to see me and we are like a family or brothers who will all fight together – and that is a very important thing to have.

United have a strong squad and on paper, they have an easier run in than we do but the title race is a long way from finished. It only takes a couple of results to go our way and we’re right back in it – I’m sure we’ll come back.

I feel like I’m home again and I met some City fans before my flight from Paris to Manchester and they said ‘welcome home, Yaya’ and they said they wanted me to help the team and bring happiness to our supporters. That’s what I aim to do.

Yaya also reflected on Ivory Coast’s elimination from the Afican Cup of Nations:

Of course we were disappointed.  We tried our best but it wasn’t good enough this time and now I am only focusing on City, my Club. I’m only looking forward and not back and that means the Premier League and nothing else at this moment. It’s good to be back.

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