VIDEO: ESPN ‘Born Into It’ Advert

I heard a few months back that ESPN were on the look out for City and United fans to appear in a new advert that would be televised globally. They were paying something like a £700 fee to the two lucky fans from each side who were selected. I then head no more about until I woke up this morning to a follower of mine tweeting me the link, simply saying ‘have you seen this.’ I couldn’t quite believe what I saw.

ESPN obviously think that City and United fans are great examples of the stereotypical football fan, as the two ‘actors’ go about their day eating chips, chasing ‘fit birds’ and drinking down the pub. It really is tasteless crap. The worst bit is the job snobbery the editors plonk in the middle, which suggests working in a chip shop is just ‘some crap job.’

Then there’s the phrases used: ‘right mingers,’ ‘Billy-no-mates,’ ‘sitting on his tod’ and ‘right plonker.’ We’re from Manchester, so of course that’s how we talk.

It has to be the most patronising piece of crap that’s ever been made.

Check it out for yourself below.

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