NEWS: Yaya Believes City Can Bounce Back

In the aftermath of the Manchester Derby on Sunday, Yaya Toure has vowed to fight back and believes the defeat will act as a catalyst for a change in form and fortune for City. He said:

This makes us more determined to win it (The Premier League). We are tough men, and when things get difficult, that is when you find the tough men. Last year was fantastic. But we have to forget what we have done in the past. We have to realise that sometimes you have a bad time. When you are at the top everybody wants to take you down. We have to be strong and work harder to turn this around. This year will be hard but we have a fantastic squad and we have the confidence to keep going until the final day.

Of the game itself he said:

It was a dagger in the heart – unbelievable. We thought we would win it at 2-2, but United have great experience. We have to be strong mentally, and strong in every other way as well, because the Premier League is not finished yet.

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