FEATURE: Derby Preview in Quotes – City

Robert Toole

Ahead of tomorrow’s game against Manchester United, here is a round up of all the talk from the City camp. Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure and Maicon have their say.

Vincent Kompany

Nobody should ever underestimate what it gives us as a team and in a sporting way, I want our fans to make a hostile atmosphere for games like this because it can carry us over the line when we maybe we need it the most.

When our fans are up for it, it makes a huge difference to us. First of all it puts a lot of pressure on the opposition and secondly it gives us a feeling of release in the knowledge we will be backed in everything we try to do and that is priceless.

It gives us an extra yard when we’re tiring or the extra power when you go in for a challenge. I know our fans still sing about the results from last season and I think they are entitled to re-live whatever moments they choose as often as they want.

Ultimately, people come to games to be entertained and enjoy themselves and the fans are entitled to celebrate and have a fun time – it’s the players who need to move on and focus because that’s our job to do that. Our fans’ job is to have fun and create a great atmosphere.

When I look back to that game and the goal I scored, I don’t see it as being a key moment in the match. I’m just happy at the fact that, as a team, we were there and ready to perform on the night when it was most needed to most. That’s what I take from the game. We recovered from a tricky mid-season run and when it mattered we proved we were the real deal at a crucial point in the season.

Yaya Toure

We respect United but we are at home and confident against anyone on our own pitch. These are the games, personally, I love because it is a challenge against a strong team. Matches like this are why I love being a footballer. I enjoy the pressure and expectation and everything that goes with it.

Some guys get stressed about situations like this but it’s all water off a duck’s back to me. The eyes of the football world will be centred on Manchester and this is a game everyone will want to see – and that suits me fine.

It’s going to be a fantastic game and we know it will be tough, but they have conceded a lot of goals and we have a mentality that we will not be beaten on our own pitch. We will be in front of our own fans on our own ground and we are ready for this game. There is a long way to go this season but we can’t allow United to get too far in front because they are a quality team who are used to winning titles.

Robin van Persie has done very well since he arrived and they have plenty of experience in their side, but we are looking forward to this game and are totally happy to face our neighbours.


My strongest memory of the Milan derbies was the day Inter won 4-0 (in 2009-10) and we also won the Champions League in the same season. It was a great game, a great derby, difficult to forget.

All over the world, the derby is a different game to any other. It is a passionate game, whether you are in Manchester, Milan or Brazil, and I am sure Sunday will be just the same. I remember playing for Cruzeiro against Atletico Mineiro, at a time when Mineiro were the better team. We won that game, and it changed our whole season for the better. This is something that is built into derbies – it can give the team a boost of confidence for the rest of the season.

We are working for this (the title) every week. The bulk of the team that won the league last year is the same, with only a few players coming into the squad. It is up to us to contribute to change the history of this club.

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