NEWS: Kompany Refutes Claims of Player Unrest

Robert Pollard

Micah Richards’ post-match comments in Amsterdam after City suffered a tough loss to Ajax have sparked a flurry of journalists claiming disquiet amongst the City squad at Mancini’s tactical alterations this season.

Captain Vincent Kompany has today denounced those claims in the most emphatic way possible, saying:

That’s funny. I don’t like to get involved in this but sometimes I do. I never have a problem with performances being down or up. People have the right to have opinions on performances, but the stories are based on things I cannot even relate to, and I am in this team.

It’s part of the game, and I accept that part of the game. I just wonder where the integrity of some journalists stands when they come out with stories with no foundation whatsoever.

I started my career to play football and be the best footballer. I expect journalists to tell the truth and do the job for that. That is just sensationalism, nothing more.

Kompany’s own form has been the subject of crititcism. Across the media, pundits have been keen to say that his performance level has dipped after his outstanding campaign last season.

Personally, I don’t ever get affected by it.

I just keep living the life and keep working really hard. If one day goes a little bit less than another, I know I have at least done my best.

By being patient and keeping doing what you have done to get success in the first place, you’ll get there again. It is a very difficult thing.

People around the club get wild and excited but I stay very calm.

We’ll be here in a couple of weeks or months and maybe everyone will be praises and smiles. It is going to happen. Everything takes time.

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