Kolo: I Want My Place Back

Robert Pollard

Kolo Toure has spoken out at his omission from the Manchester City first team. Speaking to the BBC, Kolo is quoted as saying:

I want to stay, I want to fight for my place. It’s difficult, I was a key player. I’ve done everything but that will not change the manager’s decision. I like City and this season I started every game pre-season. But when the season started I’ve been kicked out again from the team. It was difficult. I fight. My team-mates know, my brother [City midfielder Yaya] knows. I do my best but the club are showing me the way out at the moment. I’m not angry with the manager. If someone doesn’t want me then there will be another club that does. I still have this hunger. I take Ryan Giggs (who is 38) and Paul Scholes (37) as an example: what they are doing for Manchester United is incredible. I want to be like them.

Kolo Toure has always been known for his professionalism, and it is sad to see a player who was once so highly revered and who played consistently well now struggling to get a place on the bench. However, what Kolo fails to recognise in his BBC interview is his alarming dip in form. He has barely played a convincing game for City – even in the pre-season matches he mentions – for a couple of years now, and no one, least of all Mancini, seems to have the confidence to play him. With Lescott, a key part of last season’s success, now also in a battle for his first team spot with new signing Matija Nastasic, it is little wonder Kolo Toure is finding it hard. It would be best for everyone if Kolo were to move on, although, the famous ‘Yaya/Kolo’ song would have to be revised which would be devastating for away supporters.

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