Bert Trautmann slams City

Robert Toole

In the wake of City’s woeful performance against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday, City legend, Bert Trautmann, has given his damning verdict on the performance. The former goalkeeper, who broke his neck, continued to play and won the FA Cup, all in the same game in 1956, was also full of praise for City’s number 1, Joe Hart.

Of the performance on Wednesday, Trautmann was refreshingly honest:

City, as a team, were non-existent. In the second half there was nothing to be seen of City. We’re talking about millionaires. There was no passion – I sat at home watching on TV and I was damn disappointed.

City were very lucky to have Joe Hart in goal. They should have lost four, five or six goals. I wish they had so they’d wake up. They should have been beaten and I wish they would have done because then questions would have been asked.

There is no variety there. They play to a pattern that reminds me of politicians going to Parliament, opening their mouths, and going home again. It looks like they couldn’t care less if they win, lose or draw.

What about passion? What about fighting? What about spirit? I didn’t see any of it. They won the league last year and scored a lot of goals but they’re going to have problems this year. After the performance in the second half against Dortmund, all the players should have given their week’s wages to charity. They should have been ashamed of themselves. That’s my honest opinion.

The only highlight of the game for City was the outstanding performance of Joe Hart who prevented the game from turning into an embarrassment with a string of world class saves. Despite suggestions from some quarters that Hart is the best goalkeeper in the world, Trautmann, was quick to quash that theory:

You can’t say who is the best goalkeeper in the world right now. The Germans say Neuer is the best. To be considered the best you have to do it over a period of time. Only then can you say he’s the best goalkeeper in the world. Joe is still a young man but he can become the best in the world, yes.

He will make mistakes as we all did as goalkeepers. But he will grow in stature with it. His performance against Dortmund was absolutely magnificent. I sat with my wife and I said ‘look at this fellow, he’s really playing well’.

Hart is still young at 25 and is prone to mistakes. Despite his recent excellent form, the likes of Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon, have proven over the last decade they are currently ahead of Hart as the world’s best. One thing is for sure, Hart definitely has the potential to be the best.

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