Mancini: Summer Transfer Policy Holding Us Back

Robert Pollard

Manchester City’s start to the season has, thus far, been a stuttering one. I have argued that this is down to Roberto Mancini’s turbo charged rotation policy which, for me, has left most observers (and presumably the players) flummoxed as to what our best side is. However, the Italian has hit back today, arguing that the poor pursuit of summer transfers, which led to an influx of last-minute signings, is to blame.

We had new players only in the last two or three days of the market, and maybe these players don’t know their team-mates well and need time. The second year after winning a championship is always difficult and I hope we start to win in our next league game, because we need a win. But we need to improve if we are to do that.

Mancini may have a point. By dawdling in the market, which no one could argue weren’t guilty of, we have left Mancini with the smallest possible time to bed his new players in. There is some credence to his defence. It has to be said, though, that he isn’t helping himself by changing as often as he is. Last year he rotated brilliantly, this year he’s overdone it.

One of my major criticisms has been his resting of Silva. My thinking is simple: Silva is vital to the way we play so I want to see him playing regularly to get him up to speed as soon as possible. I know he had an extended European Championships after Spain were again so successful, but from City’s perspective, we need him firing if we are to be successful again. Mancini, though, fears burnout and it explains why he has used him so sparingly this time around.

He played in the European Championship and after that he twice went travelling to Puerto Rico and to Spain to play Saudi Arabia. That may be the reason he was so tired – he is not fresh. Spain could help us with this.

It’s a difficult balancing act Mancini has but he must make sure we get the as much as we can out of our star player. He is central to our approach but so far his appearances have been as inconsistent as our play.

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