Tevez seeks redemption from City fans

Robert Toole

Carlos Tevez recently cited his infamous bust up with Roberto Mancini as good for him, going as far to suggest that it rekindled his desire to play football.

Goodwill is not something that is readily associated with Tevez but now he has expressed his desire to seek redemption from the City fans for whom he has angered so much last season. He said

I don’t know if I’m an idol for the City fans, but I am very grateful to them. They have always treated me well even after all of the things that were said away from the pitch. They have always welcomed me, and for that I am grateful. Whatever I do, they make me feel at home and I would like to thank the fans for that.

A more settled Tevez has also spoken of his desire to win more silverware with City, something which may go some way for him to be forgiven by the City faithful.

What I want is to keep winning silverware. That is why you train and play – to keep winning trophies – and that pressure will always be there. It’s like every Sunday you take an exam. In football you have to play a game under pressure. But I don’t put myself under extra pressure to become a champion – that is just something I want to achieve. Playing football makes me happy – it’s what pleases me. Everything related to football makes me happy, but for me there is one more thing, my family, which is the most important aspect of my life. It’s my family first and football afterwards.

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