Barry excited by summer signings

Robert Toole

Gareth Barry is back in full training and nearing a return to the first team. In anticipation of his return, he has spoken highly of some of the summer additions to the team and has also shared his admiration for one of City’s more established players. He said

Javi Garcia and Jack Rodwell already seem to be settling in well. I know Jack better because he’s an English guy and been playing in the Premier League for a few years and he’s a great addition to the squad. I think he’s done really well in the first few games he’s played and he seems to have bedded in nicely. I’m sure that the longer he’s here and the more games he plays, he’ll get better and better. I don’t that much about Javi just yet, but his English is excellent and I have done a bit of individual training with him. He seems like a really good player and I’m sure he’ll adapt to the English game quickly.

Barry also waxed lyrical about David Silva:

Last year was fantastic and when you play alongside people like David Silva you get to know his game and where he likes to receive the ball. Playing with players like that can make your job so much easier, so you can bounce off other players sometimes and it can be good for you and them.

Barry is somewhat of an unsung hero at City and is a mainstay in Roberto Mancini’s team. In his absence it has become more apparent than ever what a huge influence he has on the team. Though Rodwell has started well and Garcia joins City with a big reputation, if Barry begins to find that form that has made him so integral to Mancini’s plans, they will certainly have a battle on their hands to get selected.

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