Is Aguero pushing for an early return from injury?

Robert Pollard

It seems Sergio Aguero’s eagerness to play for his country in their upcoming World Cup qualifier could risk the wrath of Roberto Mancini. Aguero injured himself in the first game of the season against Southampton in an awkward fall that, at first glance, looked severe. It was clear after he walked off the pitch that things weren’t that bad but Mancini said he needed a clean break in order to get himself fit again. When he was called up by the Argentinia coach Alejandro Sabella, Mancini said:

It is ridiculous but these are the rules and you need to respect these rules. Sergio needs a minimum two weeks without training and then maybe after two weeks he can start again.

Insinuating the trip was pointless, Mancini continued:

He could go and after he can fly back quickly. They are ridiculous rules but it depends now. We will see what happens with Sergio in the next 10 days and then we will take a decision. Today it is impossible. Maybe in 10 days if he has recovered, well, it is different.

However, quotes have emerged today suggesting Aguero intends to see if he can get himself fit for Argentina’s second match against Peru. He said:

I’m here until the Peru game. The knee still hurts at the moment and it bothers me, but maybe in two or three days the landscape will change. Now I’m going to see the doctors of the Argentinian Football Association.

What’s clear to all City fans is that Sergio is key to our chances and success and we want him fit and right for us. Let’s hope he doesn’t make a silly decision and aggravate the injury.

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