Tevez cites Mancini row as “good for him”

Robert Toole

Carlos Tevez has revealed that his bust up with Roberto Mancini last season has been good for him.

The Argentine striker, who refused to play against Bayern Munich when Mancini ordered him to warm up last October, took self-imposed exile for the majority of the season. With few expecting or wanting Tevez to play for the club again he returned towards the end of the season vastly overweight and looking a shadow of his former self.

This season, however, Tevez has shed the weight and is showing some of his trademark world class ability, going a small way to repair the bridges that he so brutally burnt last season. He said “For better or worse, the fight with Mancini was good for me. I am enjoying football again which is what I wanted, to feel this hunger for glory and to be happy like this.”

Trying to use his refusal to play against Bayern as reason for his improved form is, of course, absurd, but absurd behaviour is part of having Tevez in your side. He will never be fully forgiven for being such a dick last season but as long his current form continues we’re better off just accepting it because there’s no doubting the guy is a great player.

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