Is Paul Wilson for real?

Robert Pollard

The sports journalism in The Guardian is usually excellent but there’s always a fly in the ointment. Step forward Paul Wilson, The Guardian’s reactionary-shit-stain-in-chief.

This week, Wilson produced an article which was nothing more than a hatchet job on Roberto Mancini, taking his quotes about Jack Rodwell’s move to City and turning them into some act of serious disrespect to Everton Football Club.

Mancini said:

“Rodwell is a good player. He is young, and now for the first time he is at a club that plays to win, so it will be different for him.”

Now, anyone with an ounce of sense would realise that Mancini meant ‘plays to win trophies’. It’s blatantly obvious. Wilson, clearly in desperate need of a story, decided to jump on Mancini’s words and turn the comments into an attack on a good football club, claiming Manchester United had managed to prize Wayne Rooney from Goodison’s grasp without ‘rubbing the selling club’s noses in the fact of their poverty”. I mean, seriously, this is woeful journalism.

Anyone with too much time on their hands can read Wislon’s shite via the following link.

Paul Wilson’s hatchet job

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